New On DVD This Week: The Lion King, The Walking Dead, The Middle, Friday the 13th

The Lion King

Simba, Mufasa, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa are back and better than ever with Disney’s ‘The Lion King‘ roars into homes in breathtaking 3D. Celebrate the Diamond Edition release of the epic movie ‘The Lion King’ in high-definition Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D. An unforgettable story, breathtaking animation, beloved characters and award-winning music sets the stage for this Disney classic that follows the adventures of Simba, the feisty lion cub who “just can’t wait to be king.” But his envious Uncle Scar has plans for his own ascent to the throne, and he forces Simba’s exile from the kingdom. Alone and adrift, Simba soon joins the escapades of a hilarious meerkat named Timon and his warmhearted warthog pal, Pumbaa. Adopting their carefree lifestyle of “Hakuna Matata,” Simba ignores his real responsibilities until he realizes his destiny and returns to the Pride Lands to claim his place in the “Circle of Life.” The all-star vocal talents—including Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Whoopi Goldberg, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Ernie Sabella, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Robert Guillaume, Cheech Marin and Moira Kelly—rip-roaring comedy and uplifting messages of courage, loyalty and hope make this a timeless tale for all ages. ‘The Lion King’ is the best-selling home entertainment release of all time, and the Blu-ray debut marks the first time ‘The Lion King’ has been available in any form since 2004. Featuring pristine high definition picture and sound, the Blu-ray creates an incredible at-home experience with a host of picture and sound enhancements, interactive features and bonus content, including a new set of hilarious animated bloopers. Buy the Diamond Edition 3D Blu-ray combo pack right here.

The Walking Dead

Based on the series of graphic novels from Robert Kirkman, AMC’s horror series ‘The Walking Dead‘stars Andrew Lincoln as Rick, a lawman who wakes up from a coma to discover that a cataclysmic event has transformed much – though not all – of humanity into zombies. He goes searching for his wife and child, using his intelligence and training to stay alive. Eventually he reunites with his loved ones, who have gone on the run with a motley crew of survivors that include Rick’s former partner on the force (Jon Bernthal), who has fallen in love with Rick’s wife. Written and executive produced by Frank Darabont, the program debuted in October of last year and quickly became the biggest ratings hit in AMC history. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray right here.

The Middle

The Hecks, America’s favorite, quirky Midwest family, return for another hilarious season of offbeat fun with Season 2 of the hit comedy ‘The Middle.’ The hit series stars Emmy winner Patricia Heaton (‘Everybody Loves Raymond’) as a devoted but overextended wife and mother, who tackles her family’s endless demands with humor and heart. This set features all 24 half-hour episodes and never-before-seen bonus material. Frankie Heck is a harried wife and working mother who uses her wry wit and sense of humor to try to get her family through each day intact. Neil Flynn stars as her sardonic husband Mike, who helps Frankie navigate through middle-class life without a GPS app. Raising their family in the heart of the country – Orson, Indiana – the two struggle to stretch their patience – and paychecks – around their three crazy but brilliantly true-to-life kids. Buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

Friday the 13th

Take a ride down memory lane with everyone’s favorite psychotic killer Jason Voorhees in the to-die-for DVD set ‘Friday the 13th the Ultimate Collection,’ arriving just in time for Halloween. When the original ‘Friday the 13th’ debuted in 1980, it captured audiences’ imaginations and permeated our collective psyche. 31 years later, the iconic machete-wielding killer continues to haunt, fascinate, and terrify a new generation. This comprehensive set includes every murderous moment from ‘Friday the 13th – Uncut Deluxe Edition,’ ‘Friday the 13th Part 2 Deluxe Edition,’ ‘Friday the 13th Part 3 – 3D Deluxe Edition’ (with two pairs of 3D glasses), ‘Friday the 13th – The Final Chapter Deluxe Edition,’ ‘Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Deluxe Edition,’ ‘Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Deluxe Edition,’ ‘Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood Deluxe Edition,’ and ‘Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Deluxe Edition.’ This extraordinary collection, which is in a Limited Edition of only 50,000 numbered units worldwide, includes a replica of Jason’s hockey mask, an 8-page Collector’s Booklet and hours of special features. Buy the Ultimate Collection right here.

Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s Academy Award-Winning animated classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ comes to life in a whole new dimension for the first time ever on Disney Blu-ray 3D for in-home viewing – a transformation that reveals the magic, music, and majesty of the famous tale as you’ve never experienced it before. The same Disney classic that taught us beauty is found within, now comes to life in spectacular Disney 3D bringing the characters, sound, and storyline to a whole new immersive dimension. Fans can once again meet and enjoy their favorite characters – Belle, Beast, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and more – in an entirely new fashion as if they were watching the film for the very first time. Buy the Diamond Edition 3D Blu-ray combo pack right here.

In Treatment

Bringing viewers deeper into the process of psychotherapy than perhaps any previous show, ‘In Treatment: the Complete Third Season‘ picks up as Doctor Paul Weston continues to struggle with the aftermath of his recent divorce as well as his move to Brooklyn where he now practices. Season 3 finds Weston in the midst of new emotional and physical challenges including hand tremors he fears might be onset of Parkinson’s disease, the announcement that his ex-wife is remarrying and his youngest son’s problems acclimating to life with a new stepfather. Meanwhile, he takes on three challenging new patients and turns to a new therapist, Adele (Oscar nominee Amy Ryan). Buy the Season 3 DVD right here.

Lie to Me

Complete your collection and experience the final adventure of this thought-provoking and highly addictive series with the release of ‘Lie to Me The Complete Third and Final Season,’ now available on DVD. Inspired by the scientific discoveries of a real life psychologist who can interpret clues embedded in the human face, body and voice, this enthralling drama series exposes the truth and deception in compelling mysteries. Follow Cal and The Lightman Group one last time as they tackle new investigations, detect deception, and take a closer look at their suspects and each other. Featuring an all-star cast, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) heads a team of experts at The Lightman Group who assists federal law enforcement, government agencies, local police and private individuals with their most difficult cases by focusing on the details everyone miss. Dr. Gillian Foster (Kelli Williams) is a gifted psychologist and Lightman’s professional partner brings balance to the partnership by looking at the bigger picture. Buy the Season 3 DVD right here.

Midsomer Murders

Delighting fans with its distinctive mix of dazzling scenery, depraved crimes, and charming detectives, ‘Midsomer Murders: Barnaby’s Top 10’ is now available on DVD. In this set, affable star John Nettles introduces 10 of his favorite mysteries with witty and revealing production anecdotes from the first six seasons of the bestselling series. Co-starring his original sidekick Daniel Casey (Marchlands), Nettles shares why each mystery holds a special place in his heart. The DVD 10-Disc Collector’s Edition includes ten full-length standalone mysteries set in England’s picture-perfect but perilous Midsomer County. The Top Ten are How It All Began: The Killings at Badger’s Drift, Favorite Story Line: Blue Herrings, Favorite Leading Lady: A Worm in the Bud, Best Location: Dark Autumn, Funniest Moments: Dead Man’s Eleven, Most Intriguing Crime: Death of a Hollow Man, Most Difficult to Film: The Electric Vendetta, Most Dramatic Episode: Murder on St. Malley’s Day, Most Bizarre Episode: A Talent for Life, Favorite Episode: Strangler’s Wood. ‘Midsomer Murders’ premiered in the United Kingdom in March 1997. Since then, more than eighty feature-length episodes have aired with new episodes still in production. In the U.S., the series has been seen on A&E and The Biography Channel. Buy Barnaby’s Top 10 set right here.

Planet Earth

The blockbuster series ‘Planet Earth‘ looks more beautiful than ever, taking advantage of new advances in high definition technology since the original release. Both the 6-disc Blu-ray and DVD box sets showcase over three hours of fresh bonus materials including a sneak peak at Alastair Fothergill’s next project Frozen Planet, the all-new specially made program Greatest Planet Earth Moments and several other new features. Additionally, the Planet Earth Special Edition Blu-ray contains the eleven production video diaries and the bonus series Planet Earth: the Future, which were not included on the original Blu-ray release. Available only while supplies last, the Planet Earth Limited Collector’s Edition comes in an exquisite, numbered, collectible globe package with an exclusive set of four art cards. From the makers of The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, Planet Earth premiered on Discovery Channel in 2007 and became a global phenomenon. Featuring the original BBC series presented by Sir David Attenborough, Planet Earth is the #1 selling documentary DVD and #1 selling non-theatrical Blu-ray release of all-time – with over 5 million units in print. Buy the Special Edition Blu-ray right here.

Perry Mason

Perry Mason‘ is an attorney who specializes in defending seemingly indefensible cases. With the aid of his secretary Della Street and investigator Paul Drake, he often finds that by digging deeply into the facts, startling evidence can be revealed. Regularly relying on his outstanding courtroom skills, he often tricks or traps people into unwittingly admitting their guilt. Buy the Season 6, Volume 1 DVD right here.

The Courtship of Eddie’s Father

A school bully named Joey is making life miserable for Eddie. Joey (Jodie Foster) is a girl — just one of the situations in the 4, Disc 26-Episode Complete Season 1 of ‘The Courtship of Eddie’s Father,’ the warmly remembered sitcom centering on the relationship between magazine executive Tom Corbett (Bill Bixby) and his grade-schooler son Eddie (Brandon Cruz), who hopes to find the ideal wife for his widower father (and a great mom for himself!). Helping make the father-son household a happy, high-spirited home is the Corbett’s housekeeper Mrs. Livingston (Academy Award winner Miyoshi Umeki). Glenn Ford and Ron Howard played the father and son in the popular feature film that inspired the TV series. Buy the Season 1 DVD at

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Mike & Molly

Get set to fall in love with ‘Mike & Molly,’ the smash-hit romantic comedy series now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Created by Mark Roberts, the show is an edgy, laugh-out-loud comedy series about a Chicago couple who begin a romance after they meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. ‘Mike & Molly’ is a love story about two ordinary yet extraordinary people, Mike (Billy Gardell), an affable police officer, and Molly (Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy), a smart and cheerful teacher, who have always protected themselves and relied on their ability to laugh through life. With each other’s support and the help of Overeaters Anonymous meeting where they met, Mike and Molly learn to open up and trust each other. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray right here.

MLB: The Anaheim Angels 2002 World Series

It was teamwork and thunder sticks that brought the Angels their first ever World Series Championship after a 41-year drought, and it was a special group of individuals who delivered it, playing a team-oriented style of baseball under the steady hand of Manager Mike Scioscia. a comprehensive seven-DVD collection, the ‘Anaheim Angels 2002 World Series Collector’s Edition’ contains every pitch, hit, clutch home run, sterling defensive play, and Rally Monkey-memory along with each glorious Anaheim Angels 2002 World Series championship moment. Buy the 2002 World Series Collector’s Edition right here.

Aaahh Real Monsters

Meet Ickis, Oblina and Krumm, three young monsters at the “scariest” school you’ve ever seen in ‘Aaahh Real Monsters.’ But when they’re not learning the best methods of frightening humans from their headmaster, The Gromble, the trio is facing off against a determined monster-hunter named Simon. Can they keep the secrets of the monsters safe while on their crazy adventures? Starring the incredible voice talents of Charlie Adler (The Super Hero Squad Show), Christine Cavanaugh (The Rugrats), Gregg Berger (The Transformers), Tim Curry (Clue) and James Belushi (Hoodwinked!) as Simon the Monster Hunter, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters promises to have you howling with fun. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

Weird Al Yankovic Live

“Weird Al” Yankovic Live! – The Alpocalypse Tour is now available on DVD. The extended DVD and Blu-ray include nearly an hour’s worth of concert footage not seen on Comedy Central, plus over 30 minutes of bonus features that include: music videos for “Perform This Way” and “Polka Face,” three extra live concert performances, a bunch of Al’s personal YouTube videos and more. “Weird Al” Yankovic Live! – The Alpocalypse Tour was shot this summer at the venerable Massey Hall in Toronto during Weird Al’s tour to support the release of Alpocalypse. His first full-length studio album in nearly five years, Alpocalypse (released by Jive/Sony in June) debuted at #9 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, Yankovic’s highest-charting album ever. “Weird Al” Yankovic Live! – The Alpocalypse Tour features hits off of Alpocalypse like “Perform This Way,” Weird Al’s parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” which garnered over six million video views in its first week of release, as well as many of the legendary artist’s greatest hits, including “White & Nerdy,” “Amish Paradise” and “Fat.” Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Beavis and Butt-Head: Mike Judge’s Most Wanted

When Beavis and Butt-Head first appeared on TV in 1993, critics railed against the idiocy of two idle teens who did little more than watch TV and make snide comments. Today we know they were ahead of their time and as the world prepares for the triumphant return of the ultimate pop culture commentators, fans everywhere can relive the greatest memories of the original series with the release of ‘Beavis and Butt-Head: Mike Judge’s Most Wanted.’ Featuring creator Mike Judge’s 20 all-time favorite cartoons, this must-own collection is chock full of outrageously dumb-ass entertainment, plus bonus material. Buy the DVD right here.

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns

Season 2 of Tyler Perry’s award winning comedy series ‘Meet the Browns‘ is now available on DVD. 2011 NAACP Image Award winner David Mann stars in the show along with his wife Tamela along with Tyler Perry veterans Lamman Rucker, Denise Boutte and Juanita Jennings. The show follows the Brown family as they run “Brown Meadows” – a retirement home that started as a complete misunderstanding – and deal with the trials, tribulations and laughter that comes with it. Buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

Bored to Death

The second season of HBO’s hit ‘Bored to Death’ keeps the laughs coming as Jonathan Ames, a noir fiction-obsessed writer who moonlights as a private eye, continues to deal with the mounting mishaps that befall his life. Loaded with bonus features, both the 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray sets are now available. This season, Ames (Jason Schwartzman) has recently finished his second novel (which remains unpublished) and decides to augment his meager income by becoming a creative-writing teacher, while also taking on new, even more desperate clients. Buy the Season 2 Blu-ray right here.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

For some unexplained reason, letters to Santa Claus are being returned to the children of Junctionville in ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.’ It seems some sour soul has angered St. Nick, calling Christmas “a fraudulent myth!” The skeptical rodent Albert Mouse has to be brought to his senses “and let up a little on the wonder why.” How Albert is persuaded to change his tune paves the way for Santa’s jolly return to Junctionville — and the joyous finale of this charming animated fable inspired by Clement Moore’s poem. Joel Grey, Tammy Grimes, John McGiver and George Gobel are featured voices. Buy the Blu-ray right here.


“Your horse is a mirror to your soul, and sometimes you may not like what you see. Sometimes, you will.” So says Buck Brannaman, a true American cowboy and sage on horseback who travels the country for nine grueling months a year helping horses with people problems. ‘Buck,’ his extraordinary, heart-tugging story, has thrilled moviegoers nationwide. The Audience Award winner at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, ‘Buck’ is a richly textured and visually stunning film. It follows Buck Brannaman from his abusive childhood to his phenomenally successful approach to horses. A real-life “horse whisperer,” he eschews the violence of his upbringing and teaches people to communicate with their horses through leadership and sensitivity, not punishment. Buck possesses near magical abilities as he dramatically transforms horses – and people – with his understanding, compassion and respect. Brannaman was the prime inspiration for the hero of Nicholas Evans’ novel (and Robert Redford’s movie adaptation) The Horse Whisperer. A truly American story about an unsung hero, and one of the most successful documentaries of the year, Cindy Meehl’s ‘Buck’ is about an ordinary man who has made an extraordinary life despite tremendous odds. Buy the DVD right here.

Disneynature: African Cats

Don’t miss Disneynature’s latest home entertainment release, ‘African Cats,’ an epic film profiling two incredible families as they strive to make a home in the wilds of Africa. Disneynature ‘African Cats’ is available as a 2-Disc Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack and is the perfect family-friendly film that provides an exciting journey into the wild while also raising consumer awareness for these incredible animals. For every movie purchased through October 10, 2011, Disneynature will be contributing a portion of its home entertainment sales through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to the “See African Cats, Save the Savanna” effort – an initiative developed between Disneynature and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to protect lions, cheetah, elephants, zebra, giraffe and a host other species in Africa. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

The Presence

Looking to escape the pressures of everyday life, a woman (Mira Sorvino) travels to a secluded cabin in the woods in ‘The Presence.’ She’s not alone, though, because an apparition (Shane West) inhabits the cabin and begins to stalk her. But when the woman’s boyfriend (Justin Kirk) arrives, the spirit in the house grows darker and more obsessive. She soon starts to exhibit weird and irrational behavior and her boyfriend fears she’s been possessed by the ghost in love with her. Buy the DVD right here.

Dragon’s Lair

The legendary videogame ‘Dragon’s Lair’ was a blockbuster (and quarter guzzling) sensation when it first debuted, spawning sequels, imitators, and a beloved Saturday morning cartoon series. Developed by the powerhouse animation crew put together by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, the Dragon’s Lair cartoon made many contributions to the Dragon’s Lair saga, from naming the Dragon “Singe” to rounding out the cast with such memorable supporting players as Bertram the horse (voiced by animation legend Peter Cullen) and Timothy the squire (voiced by Michael Mish). Mimicking the action of a videogame, Dragon’s Lair pauses the action and asks the audience which action Dirk should take next in his never-ending quest to protect the kingdom of King Ethelred and his beloved Princess Daphne. But enough talk! Dirk the Daring faces doom throughout this 13 episode, 2-disc set and he needs you to help him decide what to do next. Buy the DVD at

The League

Fantasy football provides an outlet for good-natured competition and camaraderie between friends and colleagues, but that’s not always the case. Deception, one-upmanship, and win-at-all-costs mentality rule the day on the virtual gridiron and then extend into personal relationships, marriages and the workplace, in ‘The League: The Complete Second Season,’ now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Discover all 13 episodes and never-before-seen exclusive extras on The League Complete Second Season Blu-ray and DVD including unrated extended episodes, deleted scenes, a gag reel, special featurettes, and more. The series features an ensemble cast of rising actors and comedians. Mark Duplass (Humpday) plays Pete, the perennial league champ who is struggling to become an adult. Stephen Rannazzisi (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) is Kevin, a happily married father and commissioner of the league. Nick Kroll (Get Him to the Greek) plays Ruxin, who believes he is the smartest of the group but can’t figure out why he can’t seem to win the league championship. Buy the Season 2 Blu-ray right here.

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Drinking Made Easy

Come along for the ride as three friends embark on an unforgettable 80-day road trip across the U.S. in search of the most unique beers, wines and cocktails as HDNet’s ‘Drinking Made Easy: The First Season‘ is now available on DVD. Hosted by writer, comedian, and drink expert Zane Lamprey (“Three Sheets,” “Have Fork, Will Travel”), the 2011 People’s Choice Telly Award winning series follows Lamprey and his “stunt-drinker” Steve McKenna (“Three Sheets”) and stand-up comedian Marc Ryan (“Three Sheets”), as they travel to various watering holes, pubs, bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries and distilleries in an attempt to find the most unique and interesting beers, wines and spirits, and cocktails across America. In an adventure that takes the trio through 53 cities, 26 states and nearly 10,000 miles, Drinking Made Easy is as hilarious as it is engaging, informative as it is entertaining, as unveils the hidden gems of little-known restaurants and bars and dishes on the local specialties. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

The Heart Specialist

In the world of modern romance, there are players and there are experts. But when you want to trade your swagger for a sweetheart… you need a specialist. Get ready for some heart-stopping, jaw-dropping comedy when the hilarious romantic indie film ‘The Heart Specialist,’ now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Making its debut at the Boston Film Festival (“Audience Award” winner) and the Urban World Film Festival (“Best Film” winner), ‘The Heart Specialist’ tickles the funny bone as it resuscitates the love lives of a sassy cast of characters. Smooth-talking lothario Ray Howard (Brian J. White, “Men of a Certain Age”), a young Harvard Medical School graduate, arrives for his internship at a hospital in South Florida to pursue his ex-girlfriend Valerie (Grammy Award-winner Mya, Chicago) who can’t forgive his womanizing ways. When his supervisor, Dr. Sidney Zachary (NAACP Image Award-nominee Wood Harris, “The Wire”), discovers that Ray has put the moves on his own girlfriend, nurse Donna (BET Award-winner Zoe Saldana, Avatar, Star Trek), the two conspire with the rest of the hospital staff, patients, and friends to teach Ray a lesson—not just about medicine, but also about true love. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Elvira’s Haunted Hills

As synonymous with Halloween as Santa Claus is with Christmas, Elvira has carved out a niche in American culture. Now, following the nationally-syndicated re-launch of “Movie Macabre,” the series that made her a worldwide icon, the “Queen of Halloween” is back with the 10th anniversary special enchanted edition of ‘Elvira’s Haunted Hills.’ Set back in 1851 in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, this edition features Elvira the Mistress of the Dark en route to Paris with her maidservant Zou Zo for a can-can revue. Buy the DVD right here.

The Caller

In the tradition of Drag Me To Hell and When A Stranger Calls comes the suspenseful, supernatural thriller ‘The Caller,’ now available on DVD. Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight) stars with Stephen Moyer (‘True Blood’) and Luis Guzmán (Arthur, Taking of Pelham 123) as a young woman in Puerto Rico desperately trying to escape a supernatural force. Bonus materials include deleted scenes, an alternate ending and an interview with Director Matthew Parkhill. Troubled divorcee Mary Kee (Rachelle Lefevre) is tormented by a series of sinister phone calls from a mysterious woman. When the stranger reveals she’s calling from the past, Mary tries to break off contact. But the caller doesn’t like being ignored, and looks for revenge in a unique and terrifying way. Also starring Stephen Moyer (HBO’s “True Blood”), Lorna Raver (Breaking Waves) and Ed Quinn (TV’s “Eureka,” “True Blood”). Buy the DVD right here.

Fresh Fields

A warm and witty empty-nester comedy, ‘Fresh Fields, Set 2’ is now available on DVD. Broadcast continually on PBS since the mid-1980s, this International Emmy-winning series stars fan favorite, BAFTA-nominee Julia McKenzie (Agatha Christie’s Marple) and Anton Rodgers (Lillie, May to December) as a happily married couple adjusting to middle age. Sharply written and brilliantly acted, the DVD 2-Disc Set includes series three and four of the charmingly domestic Brit-com celebrated by critics and fans alike. Fresh Fields aired for four series (1984-86), and the leads returned in French Fields (1989-91) for three more seasons set in France. Anton Rodgers and Julia McKenzie return as William and Hester Fields, a middle-aged couple whose grown children have left home to start lives of their own. Hester is ready for a new life, too—and takes on everything from redecorating to catering. Staid William would much prefer that his life—and his wife—remain unchanged. Inevitably, he finds himself drawn into Hester’s self-improvement schemes, usually reluctantly but always with hilarious results. Buy the Set 2 DVD right here.


In the comedic farce ‘Soapdish,’ the behind-the-scenes lives of several soap opera actors are just as melodramatic as those of their television counterparts. Sally Field stars as Celeste Talbert, the star of a declining TV show. To make matters worse, Talbert’s career is thrown into turmoil when her rival, Montana Moorehead (Cathy Moriarty), tries to persuade producer David Barnes (Robert Downey Jr.) to write Talbert off the show. Smitten by Moorehead, Barnes comes up with a scheme to get Talbert off the show by hiring her niece Lori (Elisabeth Shue) and then Jeffrey (Kevin Kline), an old flame and cast member who was written out of the show 20 years prior. Buy the DVD right here.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction‘ was honored with an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay (1994) and earned seven total nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director for Quentin Tarantino. It has also been listed as one of the best films of all-time by Time and Entertainment Weekly. A pair of low-rent hit men, Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson), are sent out to collect a stolen briefcase for their mob boss employer, Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). Having proven himself worthy, Wallace then entrusts Vincent to entertain his wife, Mia (Uma Thurman), while he is out of town. Meanwhile, Wallace has paid off aging boxer Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) to throw his next fight. The lives of these wildly entertaining characters intertwine with unexpected and violent consequences. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Grandview U.S.A.

From the director who brought us the hit Grease comes another coming of age story for the first time on DVD – ‘Grandview U.S.A.’ Tim Pearson (C. Thomas Howelllived his whole life in the small town of Grandview, Illinois. He had big dreams and wanted to go to Florida to study oceanography after high school graduation. However, all that came into question when he met Michelle “Mike” Cody (Jamie Lee Curtis), an attractive woman who runs the local Demolition Derby. Intrigued by Mike, Tim becomes more involved in the derby world and is befriended by Ernie “Slam” Webster’s (Patrick Swayze), one of the drivers in the derby. As his friendship with Slam grows Tim soon realizes they both have feelings for Mike and falls into a big love triangle. Buy the DVD right here.

Nickelodeon Favorites: Merry Christmas

Get in the holiday spirit with preschoolers’ favorite characters from ‘Dora the Explorer,’ ‘Go, Diego, Go,’ ‘The Wonder Pets,’ ‘Blue’s Clues,’ ‘Team Umizoomi,’ and ‘Ni Hao, Kai-lan,’ who star in the all-new DVD ‘Nickelodeon Favorites: Merry Christmas.’ Buy the DVD right here.

Jackie Brown

Tarantino’s feature film follow-up to ‘Pulp Fiction, ‘Jackie Brown’ earned a 1997 Oscar nomination for supporting actor Robert Forster (Mulholland Drive), three Golden Globe nominations (including Best Musical/Comedy) and an NAACP Image Award nomination for Pam Grier’s performance. An all-star cast joins Grier and Forster, including Samuel L. Jackson, Robert DeNiro, Michael Keaton and Bridget Fonda in Tarantino’s adaptation of the novel by Elmore Leonard (3:10 to Yuma, Out of Sight). A sexy flight attendant (Grier) is caught in a plot between the police and an arms dealer, and everyone’s looking for the payoff. There are six unlikely players on the trail for a big score – a half million dollars in cash. But alliances are shaky when its unclear who is playing and who is getting played. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Moby Dick

A psychological thriller of one man’s decent into madness, ‘Moby Dick‘ begins when inexperienced sailor Ishmael (Charlie Cox, Stardust) joins the crew of the whaling ship Pequod helmed by the mysterious and tortured Captain Ahab (William Hurt). Though the journey at first appears to be a routine whaling quest, the crew soon is unwittingly forced to join Ahab in his singular purpose – to hunt and kill the enigmatic white whale, which nearly killed him years before. As they sail across the desolate ocean, Ahab’s obsession to seek the deadly whale they call Moby Dick, no matter the cost, soon proves fatal. Never straying from his quest to hunt and kill the monstrous whale, the crew realizes that their captain is so blinded by vengeance that he may soon lead them all to an ultimate peril. A two-part original miniseries event that premiered August 1 & 2 on Encore, Ethan Hawke and Gillian Anderson also star. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Ken Burns: Prohibition

Ken Burns’s and Lynn Novick’s entertaining, engaging and enlightening documentary about the rise and fall of the 18th Amendment, ‘Prohibition,’ is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. A fascinating story that goes beyond the oft-told tales of gangsters, rum runners, flappers and speakeasies to raise profound questions about the proper role of government, individual rights and responsibilities, ‘Prohibition’ delves deep into how a society founded on individual freedom became a nation of scofflaws and hypocrites. Told through expert interviews, vintage footage and compelling images, the five-and-a-half hour film explores how the enshrining of a faith-driven moral code in the Constitution paradoxically caused millions of Americans to rethink their definition of morality. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Melissa & Joey

The final 18 episodes of Season 1 of ‘Melissa & Joey‘ are now on DVD. Mel (Melissa Joan Hart) is a local politician from a political family. When a family scandal leaves her niece, Lennox, and nephew, Ryder, without their parents, Mel takes them in. Meanwhile, Joe (Joey Lawrence) is a former commodities trader left bankrupt after a Ponzi scheme who is searching for a job. So when Mel finds it hard to handle an instant family and her own life, she hires Joe to become the family’s new male nanny, or “manny.” Buy the Season 1, Part 2 DVD right here.

Legend of the Millennium Dragon

From Studio Pierrot comes the stunning new anime adventure ‘Legend of the Millennium Dragon.’ Based on Takafumi Tokada’s beloved 2-volume novel of the same name, Onigamiden (in Japanese) tells the action-packed story of a 15-year-old boy named Jun Tendo who is thrust back in time 1,200 years into the middle of an ancient battle between Oni (demons) and humans. Hirotsugu Kawasaki brings his unique visual flair to this high quality epic which also features spectacular character design by Tetsuya Nishio. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

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