Top Five: Remembering Steve Jobs, An American Original

Top Five

This week, the lead item on our Top Five is a news item: The death of Steve Jobs, whose vision and life’s work had such a profound effect on the everyday lives of so many.

1) Steven Paul Jobs (1955-2011): His death was easily the week’s top news story and one of the most talked-about subjects on TV, period. It was reported in hundreds of ways on news channels both local and national, and all over the world. We happened to catch coverage on CNN, on ABC’s “Nightline,” on “The CBS Evening News” and “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.”

All the tributes made for fascinating viewing — watch Brian Williams here:

[iframe 580 476]

2) Maybe you happen to like Kristin Cavallari or maybe you don’t, but “Dancing With the Stars” isn’t supposed to be popularity contest. It’s a dance competition, which is why it was so surprising when Cavallari was voted off this week on “DWTS” since she’s been a pretty game dancer through the show’s first three weeks.

Watch the “DWTS Results Show” from last Tuesday right here:

[iframe 580 476]

3) David Letterman seems to be obsessed with weight, but it isn’t his. It’s New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie whose girth weighs heavily on Dave’s mind. The CBS “Late Show” host has been merciless in his abuse of Christie lately, including this week after the rotund Republican announced he won’t run for president. When Dave produced his second “Top Ten” list about Christie’s weight problem and, in the process, declared all the Republican presidential candidates to be “ridiculous,” you had to wonder if Dave had inadvertently revealed where his political sympathies lie — something late-night comedians try not to do.

Watch David Letterman’s latest Chris Christie “Top Ten” right here:

[iframe—Top-Ten-Reasons-Chris-Christie-Is-Not-Running-For-President/embed 580 476]

4) The ladies of “The View” got into it this week over the use of the N-word: You could even hear the word uttered on the ABC talk show, by Barbara Walters of all people (but not as an epithet aimed at anyone in particular). What followed was a spirited discussion about the word that made headlines (well, it’s a rare week when “The View” doesn’t make headlines, isn’t it?)

Watch the N-word dust-up on “The View” here:

[iframe 580 476]

5) We wrote about Conan O’Brien’s visit to Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” earlier this week, but we’re not quite finished with this: We’re still wondering how Conan really felt about setting foot back inside the NBC building in New York where he made his reputation as the host of “Late Night” — long before he attempted to host “The Tonight Show” in California. Now he was back at 30 Rock visiting Fallon, a guy who now has a bigger audience than Conan has, and someone who will also likely inherit “The Tonight Show” in the years to come. Whatever that visit represented, we thought it was one of the week’s highlights.

Watch Conan’s visit to NBC’s “Late Night” here:

[iframe 580 476]

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