‘The Good Wife’: Will’s Ex Resurfaces – Is Alicia Threatened?

Lisa Edelstein on The Good Wife (Jeffrey Neira/CBS)

Lisa Edelstein on The Good Wife (Jeffrey Neira/CBS)

Watch out, Alicia. Cuddy is over House, and she wants to steal your man. Lisa Edelstein debuted last night on “The Good Wife” as Celeste, a shark of a lawyer who used to date Will (Josh Charles).  The case of the week found them on opposite sides of a civil suit involving medical malpractice. TGW once again highlighted a little known aspect of the legal system. In an attempt to avoid trial, a mediator hopes to help negotiate a settlement. On a practical level, that means everyone has to stay at a hotel for the weekend.

I know what you’re thinking: more hot Will and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) sex. Well, there was not any on camera. They’re still pretending that they are just colleagues and staying in separate rooms, even though Celeste picked up on the chemistry between them after about five minutes. There is a scene of Will and Celeste arguing in an elevator that ends with Will putting his key card in his hotel room door that seems like a deliberate parallel to Will and Alicia’s sex scene in the second season finale.


The case itself involves the requisite twists and turns and machinations on both sides. Ultimately Team Lockhart-Gardner succeeds at negotiating a multi-million dollar settlement for their client after Alicia decides to use Celeste’s awareness of their relationship to their advantage by acting jealous.

At the end of the episode, Celeste tells Will that her firm is going under and she would like to join Lockhart-Gardner. Then she has the audacity to run her hand across his face and say that she misses him. Way to keep it professional, Celeste.  Will, to his credit, seems more annoyed than turned on.  Alicia may have to put Celeste in check.

In other storylines, Eli (Alan Cumming) reps a cheese company whose reputation has been damaged by a listeria outbreak that has been traced to their products. James Eckhouse, who shall always be Jim Walsh from “Beverly Hills 90210” plays the CEO who cannot stop putting his foot in his mouth. Brandon would be so ashamed of what you’ve become. Eli’s “take responsibility and apologize”crisis management strategy conflicts with Diane’s (Christine Baranski)  “admit nothing and avoid a lawsuit” legal strategy. The important takeaway from this storyline is that Will gave a reporter information about Eli’s involvement in exchange for information about the medical malpractice suit. Eli emphatically tells Diane that he cannot work with anyone who leaks information. It looks like Will and Eli are going to be rivals.

Owen (Dallas Roberts) is dating a European guy who is into tantric sex. Yes, this is a storyline on a CBS show. They even kiss on camera while Owen is stuck babysitting Alicia’s kids for the weekend. Mr. Euro claims that it is essential that they heighten the anticipation by not talking about anything sexual. So he quizzes Jackie (Mary Beth Peil) about her childhood. Ha!

Meanwhile, Grace’s androgynous lab tutor is back and continuing to make videos of herself grinding on strangers. Either Grace is going to end up sleeping with her, or she is a plant who is working for one of Peter’s enemies.

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