Danny DeVito Teases a ‘Sunny’ First

Danny DeVito on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Joey L./FX)

Danny DeVito on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Joey L./FX)

So far on the seventh season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” we’ve seen Danny DeVito’s character Frank Reynolds propose to a crack-smoking hooker, get lost at sea with a rum-infused ham, jump into the child beauty pageant business and hold a funeral for a fake baby at Paddy’s Pub. What exactly happened to Frank in his formative years to make him become such a dark, deranged person — and a perfect fit for the “Sunny” gang? We’re about to find out on a special retrospective episode this Thursday.

Speaking to journalists on a conference call earlier this week, DeVito excitedly described the upcoming episode, “Frank’s Brother.”

“This week we have a special show on where I meet my brother [Gino, played by Jon Polito],” the actor said. “I see my brother for the first time in many, many years and we had a very sordid past. So this is kind of fun. This show does flashbacks and you get a little more insight to what Frank went through as a young man.”

Preview “Frank’s Brother”:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/It-s-Always-Sunny-in-Philadelphia/2157/2150673412/Frank-s-Brother/embed 580 476]

Frightened? You probably should be. In addition to meeting another Reynolds family member, DeVito revealed that his character also spends some significant screen time this week demonstrating an uncanny, beast-like strength of his.

“Thursday night, I do a lot of eating. […] It’s a lot of like mongrel eating. Like a rabid dog or some kind of starving creature. Once I start eating [the food] has to go in all the way. I drink the beer and don’t worry about the beer falling over my cheeks. I just want that cold, thirst-quenching liquid coming down my throat.”

And just exactly how can DeVito and the rest of the cast play such sordid characters without going insane themselves?

“We’re very committed to our mental capacity,” laughed the actor. “I think that one of the great things is that when Rob [McElhenney] and Glenn [Howerton] and Charlie [Day] created the show, they set the bar, because a lot of these things they believe and I’ve come to believe as well.”

Like what, you may be wondering. Don’t worry, DeVito had some examples of how he blurs the line between reality and “Sunny” life.

“I’ve come to believe that the Charlie Sandwich is tasty. I like playing Nightcrawlers. Honestly. It’s really a great thing. I do a lot of things [on set] like randomly drink things. We don’t apply those ‘don’t mix’ rules. We throw up a lot. We do a lot of stuff that we’d probably do in normal life. It’s probably easier to do that. You know, I like banging whores,” joked DeVito.

“Of course, my character [does], because I’m married. There’s so many things — I guess it’s just committing to what you’re doing and getting into it but always thinking that it’s a great idea until it blows up in your face like an M-80 and a bunch of meat.”

In addition to speaking about this week’s episode, DeVito also discussed the movie star who almost stopped by Paddy’s, his family’s thoughts on the show, rum ham and whether we can expect “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to continue after the current season.

On the Movie Star Who Almost Guest-Starred on “Sunny:” “We’ve come close to Edward Norton. It’s just a matter of timing.”

What His Family Thinks of the Show: “My kids love the show now although once in awhile I do embarrass everybody by coming out of a couch naked. But it’s all in fun.”

How “Sunny” Has Freed Him Personally: “I did a thing where I grew my hair for a year or more [when I first started on the show]. My family thought it was a little crazy. I was braiding it at the table and putting it in a bun when we go out. Now, it’s all gone. I’ve taken it all off and I’m a blond. It opens up channels.”

On the Deliciousness of Rum Ham: “I’ll tell you what. It was tasty. A lot of people ask me for the recipe and I got to get the prop guy to get me the recipe. It had rum in it and it was sweet but not too sweet. It tasted so good. It was so well done. With pineapples, you know. I think on Thanksgiving, get some of that going.”

Joking About the Benefits of His Seniority on Set: “[Glenn] and [Kaitlin] are definitely like my kids. So is Rob and so is Charlie in their age — in their early 30’s and I’m in my mid-60’s. How it works is I know more than they do. They have to listen to me. They do everything I say and they wait on me. You know, we act together, but if I need something, they go get it for me. They take me to my car and make sure I get home. […] They take me out to dinner. They don’t clean my dressing room but we have a person to do that. But you know, they would. They’re my kids and kids have to take care of their parents. So far it’s been nice.  And it’s been fun being with young people. I don’t think it’s a bad thing for everybody in that generation to open themselves up to young folks. Not to sound cliché and like I’m winning a beauty contest but our future lies in the young people.”

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