‘DWTS’ Backstage Tidbits: Coco Warns Dad David About ‘Judge Cranky Pants’

Kym Johnson and David Arquette of 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Kym Johnson and David Arquette of 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

From sage advice dished out by a seven-year-old to Billy Baldwin always handing out bottled water to celebrities on the press line to odd admissions by funny dancers, moments after “Dancing with the Stars” finishes taping is where the real action is at.

Here is a little bit of what we saw and heard from the dance floor post-show on Monday night…

David Arquette on Daughter Coco’s Advice: “This is what Coco said to me last week. She said, ‘Listen, sometimes the judges have on their cranky pants. And you never know so just do your best and if they have their cranky pants on, there’s nothing you can do about it. But maybe they’ll have their happy pants on. She is the greatest. She is a little sweet Buddha like joker,” he said.

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Chaz Bono on Dancing for Mom Cher: He said he didn’t look her way during the dance at all. “No! When we’re dancing I try to just focus on [partner Lacey Schwimmer] and what we’re doing. It was great to have everyone here. It pumped me up. I know my mom was really proud of me and that was awesome. I’m glad that whatever we’re doing is touching people,” he said.

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Rob Kardashian on Sister Kim’s Wedding Special: In part one of “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding” on E! Sunday night, brother Rob took a lot of heat from his sisters for his eating habits. Some might think he would’ve been unhappy with how he came off in the show, but that would not include Rob himself. “I did [watch]. Actually I really enjoyed it. I thought it was really funny. It was good to kind of relive the whole wedding experience and those crazy months going into it,” he said.

Ricki Lake on Getting the “Psycho” Theme: “We were not psyched!” Good one, Ricki. But she is psyched to top that leaderboard again and score the first 10s of the season: “I can’t even believe it – and two [10s]. It’s crazy. It’s kind of a blur,” she said.

Nancy Grace on Her Slip: “I did a split and my foot got caught in my dress and then I managed to somehow get back up,” she explained, regarding an awkward slip-like moment at the end of her dance.

Carson Kressley on Facial Hair & Burns: “I can’t [grow facial hair]. I’ll have to start rubbing Latisse on my upper lip to make this happen,” he joked about his faux pirate beard, while icing his burned finger. “I burned my finger on a light. Of course, I do a dancing show where everybody gets like a broken ankle [and] I get a burn. That’s how uncoordinated I am. I feel like I work in a seafood restaurant right now in Orlando,” he said, referring to that pirate costume of his.

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