‘DWTS’ Boots Chynna Phillips: ‘I Dropped the Ball’

Chynna Phillips (ABC)

Chynna Phillips (ABC)

Eek, ouch, ooh, uh oh – that is what went through many minds when watching back footage of Chynna Phillips blanking – and blowing it big time – on “Dancing with the Stars” this week.

“DWTS”: America Sends a Frontunner Home

Although is was the biggest choke in recent memory on “DWTS,” most people thought that, given her strong first few weeks, Chynna would not be eliminated over weaker performers such as Nancy Grace or Chaz Bono.

But that’s exactly what happened Tuesday night when Chynna and her partner Tony Dovolani were the fourth couple sent packing.

Chynna’s Mirrorball Reflections:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/2151928162/Chynna-Phillips/embed 580 476]

So what went wrong? What caused the couple’s “Mission Impossible”-themed Tango to take a turn toward the terrible (though still pulling out a score of 21)?

“It was one of those things,” explained Chynna to reporters after Tuesday’s results show. “Imagine you’re at your final exam and you studied all night, but you were up all night and you thought about it and you prayed about it and you did all your homework and then all of a sudden, there’s that paper in front of you and it’s like BLANK!”

Okay, we can imagine that. And, yeah, ouch and double ouch.

“I had a moment,” she continued. “And, I’m human and we all have those moments. I feel terrible for Tony. This could’ve been his year, but you know, life goes on…I dropped the ball. What can I say? I did my best getting to where I did tonight – I’m not a machine.”

Watch Monday Night’s Performance Episode Now:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/2151571080/Week-4/embed 580 476]

Chynna was cool, calm, and collected on elimination night, until we asked about how her very supportive husband, Billy Baldwin, handled it.

She teared up, unable to answer the question at first. “Um, I can’t talk about him,” and then pulled it together to say, “He’s an amazing human being. He loves me very much. He’s my rock. Him and Jesus. He’s right up there with Jesus.”


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