‘Parenthood’ Welcomes New Braverman Baby

Parenthood (NBC)

Parenthood (NBC)

Parenthood” fans, Tuesday night’s episode was a shocker. Things actually happened! That’s things, plural. It’s like the producers want people to tune in next week because they find the plots compelling instead of just out of affection for the characters. The promos gave away that Kristina (Monica Potter) was going to have her baby in this episode. The unexpected twist was that Adam (Peter Krause) showed up for the blessed event dressed like Grandmaster Flash. He and Crosby (Dax Shepard) had a meeting scheduled with a successful rapper who was considering recording his next album at their new recording studio. Crosby advised Adam to wear something more casual and hip than his usual suits. Adam apparently does not own a black t-shirt and some nice jeans  so he decides to buy some “urban” clothes. The result in the funniest scene in “Parenthood” history as Adam walks down the street like John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” tricked out in saggy white pants, a sideways baseball cap and a big gold chain. This scene is destined to become an internet meme.

Watch Tuesday’s Episode Below:

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Adam realizes he looks ridiculous, so he asks Crosby to bring him some normal clothes he can change into before the meeting. I thought the joke was that Adam is so fashion challenged that he does not realize hip hop fashion has changed since he was in middle school, but when the rapper shows up, he is also wearing fat ropes and a sideways baseball cap. A member of his entourage is sporting a Kangol. At first I thought this might be more of the show’s weirdness about depicting “urban” African-Americans as exemplified by the Alex storyline. Then I realized that the clothes on this show are always terrible. So I think it’s just that “Parenthood’s” costume designer has not listened to rap since Roxanne, Roxanne was blasting out of everyone’s boom box and  could not be bothered to look up some contemporary clips on YouTube.

When Crosby picks up Adam’s clothes, he gets into a ridiculous argument with Kristina because Kristina has committed the grievous offense of not being upset that Jasmine (Joy Bryant) is dating Jabbar’s hot pediatrician. Crosby is such an 11 year-old girl. Then, mid-argument, Kristina goes into labor. Crosby ends up taking her to the hospital and witnessing the birth, because Adam is meeting with the rapper and not answering his phone. He eventually makes it to the hospital and hold his healthy baby girl, who will grow up to have a Pavlovian response to giant gold necklaces.

There’s some parallelism when Julia (Erika Christensen) takes Zoe the snarky pregnant barista to the hospital when she suffers contractions.It turns out to be Braxton-Hicks. Since Zoe has no one to take care of her, Julia invites her to spend the night. Zoe is touched when she sees Sydney polishing Joel’s (Sam Jaeger) nails. What a literal way to emasculate the show’s wimpiest man. It turns out that Zoe has fantasized that her child would be raised by a man who likes manicures, so she decides to let Joel and Julia adopt her baby. This seems destined to end badly.

Kristina persuades Amber (Mae Whitman) to babysit Max (Max Burkholder) while he is in lunchtime detention for his fight with Jabbar. Max also has to write an apology letter. Amber turns out to be the first person on the show who talks to Max like he is an equal. When she realizes he has trouble picking up the facial cues that go with saying sorry, she shows him video of Bill Clinton apologizing to the senate (ha!) and helps him analyze Clinton’s expressions, like it is an acting class. Max delivers a convincing apology. Amber should consider becoming a Special Education teacher. She seems to be better at getting though to Max than any of the professionals.

Finally, Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) ex Seth (John Corbett) shows up wasted at the Braverman house. Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) decks him, and orders him to leave. At the end of the episode, Sarah finds him passed out in a motel parking lot. This, too, seems destined to end badly.

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