‘Family Guy’ Creator Ready to End Show?

'Family Guy' (Photo: Fox)

'Family Guy' (Photo: Fox)

For a guy as ambitious as Fox’s animation king Seth MacFarlane, he certainly is ambivalent about the future of his biggest hit, “Family Guy.”

The creator of the popular show talked to The Hollywood Reporter about how he’s secretly ready for the show to end. But he also reassures fans that whenever that does happen, it won’t be the last we’ve seen of the Griffin family – because he’s got big-screen dreams for the Quahog bunch.

“Part of me thinks that ‘Family Guy’ should have already ended. I think seven seasons is about the right lifespan for a TV series,” MacFarlane, 37, said. “I talk to the fans and in a way I’m kind of secretly hoping for them to say we’re done with it. There are plenty of people who say the show is kind of over the hill…but still the vast majority go pale in the face when I mention the possibility.”

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MacFarlane tells THR there is a deal to make a “Family Guy” feature film, and in fact, he has the hopes of making a new film every few years over continuing on with the television series. The show has been on the air for ten seasons (it was canceled in 2001 and resurrected in 2004).

MacFarlane, largely considered a “whiz kid” in the biz, is The Cartoon Man with a pack of animated series on his docket in addition to “Family Guy,” including the spinoff “The Cleveland Show,” “American Dad,” and the upcoming remake of “The Flintstones.”

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