Kate Gosselin Going Back to Work in Nursing?

Kate Gosselin (Photo: 'ET')

Kate Gosselin (Photo: 'ET')

Seems like the uncertainty of unemployment is getting to Kate Gosselin like many people in this country.

Now that her reality star isn’t shining all that brightly these days, ever since TLC canceled her show “Kate Plus 8” this summer, Gosselin has been open about her fears of how she will provide for her eight children now that she’s a single mother without a real job.

But not for long, according to Life & Style magazine, which claims Gosselin, 36, is getting back to the real world — and by that we mean, getting a real job.

Apparently, mama Gosselin is preparing to return to her former profession as a labor-and-delivery nurse.

“She just completed more courses to renew her license,” a friend tells the mag.

Kate had been vocal about how she really wanted to stay on television, but so far, she’s been frustrated by the lack of offers.

“She has no clue how she’ll continue to pay for the kids’ private school and living expenses,” the source continues, which could explain Gosselin preparing for a Plan B. Her ex-hubby Jon Gosselin, who’s back to being an Average Joe himself these days, must be thrilled his kids will be out of the spotlight (for good?).

The question is, can Kate actually transition back to an average 9-to-5 gig after her very public circus and marital meltdown over the last few years? Just imagine if Nurse Gosselin walked into your hospital room with a needle and gloves on….

Clip: Stressed Out Kate

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