‘The Good Wife’: Will Drops the L-Word – Does Alicia Respond?

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife’s” Will (Josh Charles) has managed to avoid Peter (Chris Noth) since he started sleeping with Alicia (Julianna Margulies). That all changed thanks to a boring bar association convention and Celeste’s (Lisa Edelstein) determination to be a thorn in Will’s side. Diane tasked Will with persuading Celeste to join Lockhart-Gardner. Celeste wants Will, well — she just wants him. She also brags about sleeping with a man old enough to be her father and stays up all night playing poker with a bunch of male lawyers. She is basically the wild-haired id that Alicia has repressed all these years. Celeste dangles the possibility that he could eventually become baseball commissioner if he joined her new firm. Has Will ever even mentioned an interest in baseball, beyond attending the occasional game? He tells her he would rather work at a job he loves than chase an old dream. Celeste could not resist the opportunity to force Will to have a conversation with Peter. Remember, Celeste knows all about Will and Alicia.

She comments that they have “so much in common.” Celeste tells Peter that she had her first threesome with Will and totally baits them about their two relationships with Alicia — coworker and husband — being “quite an arrangement,” then tells them to discuss. She grills Peter about his kids, then asks Will if he has met them. Edelstein is doing a brilliant job of playing a deliciously loathsome character — the woman who feels that to compete with men she must be more vulgar than they are. Has Peter figured out that Alicia and Will are getting busy in the Lockhart-Gardner bathroom? Check out his expression at the end of the scene, and decide.

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In other news, Will offhandedly ends a phone call with Alicia by telling her that he loves her, then attributes it to reflex. Alicia seems more confused than overjoyed and does not say it back. She assures Will that they do not need to have a conversation about it.

A U.S. attorney has started working with the State’s Attorney’s office to make sure there are no sentencing disparities for defendants of different races. Alicia handles a pro-bono murder case that Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) cracks easily. The notable development is that Diane (Christine Baranaski), who initially wants the firm to stop taking pro-bono cases, ends up deciding to offer some vacant office space to a Legal Aid. Eli (Alan Cumming) wants Kalinda and Alicia to work for him full time. Will is not enthusiastic about that idea. Most important, Eli  has landed the cheese lobby as a client thanks to his handling of last week’s listeria outbreak. This better become an ongoing plotline. Eli could discuss a different type of cheese each episode. Bring on the gouda!

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