Camille Grammer Refuses to Watch ‘Mean’ Kelsey Interview on ‘Piers Morgan’

Kelsey Grammer on Piers Morgan Tonight (CNN)

Kelsey Grammer on Piers Morgan Tonight (CNN)

“No, I could’t watch. I had heard that he was going to be mean and disrespectful,” tweeted Camille Grammer to a fan about ex-hubby Kelsey Grammer’s interview with Piers Morgan last night.

Considering the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” starlet has tossed out more than her fair share of insults (e.g. claiming her ex secretly frolicked in her dainty panties, has a tiny package, and needs regular manscaping on his barnacle-laden back), the negative comments Kelsey divulged to Piers about her—although still hurtful—was, at least not as physically focused.

“I think she married me because I was ‘Frasier,'” the 56-year-old actor told Piers.

Stating that he gave Camille the “Real Housewives” show as his “parting gift,” Kelsey insinuated his wife was a fame whore. “Whether or not it worked well for her doesn’t matter. It was my way of saying, ‘Look, you always wanted to be famous. Here you go.'” (Oh, Kelsey-Cakes, you forgot, silly: Camille’s already famous in the soft porn B-list community!)

Watch Kelsey’s Interview With Piers:


Still, the TV-Broadway actor regrets how he went about letting her know that their marriage was doomed and said he wished he had been more honest.

“I was trying to do some noble gesture to make the destruction of the previous marriage go easier somehow and that was a mistake,” he said. “I should have walked home and said ‘We’re done. You finally have everything you wanted, and I’ve found a new life.'”

The Cheater-Cheater Pumpkin Eater is now married to the woman he was having an extramarital affair with—30-year-old former flight attendant Kayte Walsh.

Although we are closely monitoring the situation, Kayte has yet to issue any public complaints of her panties being stolen, the disappointing size of her new husband’s baby maker, or finding receipts of extravagant manscaping bills lying about the house…we’ll keep you posted.

Watch Camille Diss Kelsey’s “Barnacles”:

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