House Learns Charity and Sets Thirteen Free

When is charity too much of a good thing? When a patient is willing to donate both his kidneys and go on dialysis for people he doesn’t even know, “House” (Hugh Laurie) is convinced something is driving the man crazy and he calls on Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) to rejoin his team and help him prove his case.

In her final appearance on the hit FOX series, Thirteen fulfills House’s “Charlie’s Angels” fantasy and joins his new diagnostic team consisting of Dr. Chi Park (Charlyne Yi) — who is on loan from neurology after punching her boss — and Dr. Jessica Adams (Odette Annable) — who got fired from her prison doctor job when she listened to House and used extraordinary measures to save an inmate’s life — and is working as a volunteer doctor until she finds a paying job.

This week’s patient is Benjamin (“Prison Break” guest star Wentworth Miller), who collapses on the street after making a $1 million donation to a charity that helps get people back on their feet. His extreme altruistic behavior has cost him his family and House and Park are convinced it may indicate a serious medical disorder and order a battery of tests. Nothing is conclusive and House is taken off the case when Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps) is convinced he is up to his old tricks. So House sends Thirteen in to talk to Benjamin.

Sneak Peek:

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She at first resists, telling House she plans to go to Mykonos with her new girlfriend and be happy, but she eventually gives in, saying, “What am I supposed to do? I trained to be a doctor. I know how to take someone’s pain away…  I have the skills to help people. Is it okay to walk away from that because I want to have fun?”

But when Benjamin offers to donate his second kidney to her — he has already offered the first one to another Princeton-Plainsboro patient — the two know that something is seriously wrong.

Along the way, the competition between the two new women docs is on: Adams, who comes from privilege, and Park, who is the daughter of immigrant parents, also have their own charity battle which begins with the simple gift of a cup of coffee … and ends up with Adams paying for car repairs … with a twist.

But in the end, a little of Benjamin’s charity rubs off on House, who tells Thirteen: “You are fired. Don’t come in tomorrow. I can work with people who have nowhere else to go ,who have nothing to prove, or who just get off on weird cases, but I can’t work with someone who is here so she doesn’t have to feel bad.”

Thirteen, who has the gene for Huntington’s Disease and understands her days are numbered, knows that House is just trying to save her, but she lets him.

Oh, yeah. And House does figure out what is causing Benjamin’s extreme altruism — which was exacerbated by one of the original tests he ran. Case closed.

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