MSNBC’s O’Donnell Scolds Clinton Over Gaga Performance

Lawrence O'Donnell, Lady Gaga and Bill Clinton (Photos: Getty Images)

Lawrence O'Donnell, Lady Gaga and Bill Clinton (Photos: Getty Images)

Liberal Lawrence O’Donnell was anything but gaga over Lady Gaga’s performance at a star-studded benefit concert held last Saturday night in L.A. for Bill Clinton’s foundation.

According to this story on The Huffington Post, O’Donnell got huffy about Lady Gaga Monday on his MSNBC show, “The Last Word.”

And, while criticizing the singer, he also laced into Clinton himself for appearing to condone a performance in which Gaga “pretended” to be swooning over him, as wife Hillary looked on.

“Calling Clinton ‘attention-starved,’ [O’Donnell] wondered how Clinton could not see any potential awkwardness in having Gaga sing about a ‘bad romance’ while he was seated next to Hillary Clinton, the woman most profoundly affected by his own, very bad romance,” the HuffPo’s account said.

From the stage, Clinton actually gloated, laughingly, about being 65 and being able to “get Lady Gaga.” O’Donnell thought that was thoughtlessly unkind to Hillary and also to those who were disappointed by Clinton’s infidelity while he was president.

O’Donnell then brought on guest Jonathan Alter to ask his opinion. Said Alter, “It just doesn’t get any weirder than that!”

The above link has all the details – plus the video, so you can see for yourself what O’Donnell was talking about.

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