‘Pretty Little Liars’ Resurrects Alison For Halloween Special

Pretty Little Liars” has a Halloween treat for its fans: a Halloween themed prequel that shows what Rosewood was like before Alison (Sasha Peiterse) died, and provides tantalizing clues about A. Airing Wednesday, October 19th,  the special episode promises to be sweeter and more satisfying than a dozen miniature candy bars. Delicious moments include Alison as Head Mean Girl bossing around all of the liars, a Jenna (Tammin Sursok) who can see, more Fat Hanna (Amber Benson) and Pink Haired Aria (Lucy Hale), and scenes that reveal new sides of the characters. The show’s stars teased the the thrills and the chills that will keep viewers enthralled.

“It’s told all through Alison’s perspective and we’re going to learn there is some confrontation between Lucas and Alison,” reveals Brendan Robinson, who plays Lucas. “It’s not any different from what we saw in previous flashbacks but we’re going to be surprised by the end of the episode how Lucas reacts to that confrontation.” It seems that Rosewood’s favorite nerd could have a dark side. “The role that I play in that episode is pretty prominent in the secret and surprise of that episode so I can’t say too much, but I think people are going to be surprised about Lucas by the end of the episode.”

Preview The Halloween Episode Below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Pretty-Little-Liars/106553/2151365305/Trick-or-Treat%2C-Liars/embed 580 476]

It’s a difficult episode for Aria, who in the  prequel’s timeline has just learned about her father’s affair. Says Chad Lowe, who plays her father, Byron, “We get a very intimate look at the conversation between Byron and Aria about Byron’s affair and how he makes her complicit in his dishonesty so it’s actually a very emotional scene and really kind of sets the stage for where we find them at the beginning of the season and where they have to continue to navigate their way through the challenges of dishonesty and the hurt that Byron has actually caused and how it affected Aria specifically.”

Fortunately, the artsy liar does get some happiness when she unwittingly encounters her future love, Ezra. “There is a nice little crossing of paths in the night. How it’s done is very small but I think very cool, very poignant. It makes for a great little cameo. But I didn’t show up at a party of hers… I don’t think it takes away from the rest of the episode which is really important for setting up pretty much the entirety of the second half of the season,” says Ian Harding.

Costumes will play an important role in the episode. Harding reveals only that Ezra, “is not dressed as Frankenstein.” According to Robinson, Lucas’s costume is so central to the plot that he is not allowed to discuss it. As for Alison, in this clip she claims she is going as “Lady G.” Had Gaga even released a single when she was alive? Or is she referring to nude horseback rider Lady Godiva? Watch and find out.

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