Tom Selleck Gets Raunchy with Julianne Hough, Creeps Out Conan

Tom Selleck and Julianne Hough on Conan (TBS)

Tom Selleck and Julianne Hough on Conan (TBS)

“There’s something so wrong with the show this evening,” said Conan O’Brien last night as he was interviewing former “Dancing With the
Stars” pro Julianne Hough, who was on to promote the movie remake of “Footloose.” To Hough’s right on the panel was the show’s previous guest, TV legend Tom Selleck. A handsome icon and a hot young star; what could go wrong? Plenty, apparently, and it all came down to the “Blue Bloods” star and his inadvertent creepiness. “You look at this show on paper, and it was so right and so proper and so good, and then you brought it right into the trash Selleck!”

Conan was joking, of course, but Hough’s talk about how she was made “granola hot” prompted Selleck to talk more about his passion of growing avocados, complete with a suggestive grabbing motion that we guess he uses to judge how “ripe” they were. Then, later in the conversation, Conan talked about how Hough’s “Footloose” character wore the same short shorts that Selleck used to wear on “Magnum, P.I.” in the eighties, and Selleck asked a question that seemingly came out of nowhere: “Were they wet?”

We’re sure Selleck came from an innocent place with that question, but Conan couldn’t resist playing up the “creepy old man” angle, and mock-angrily paced behind the panel while Hough was doubled over in laughter. “What crazy trip are you on?” he said to Selleck. At least Hough was having fun. “I haven’t laughed like this in a really long time.” If that’s the case, maybe Hough’s boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest, needs to put down the kale smoothies and start making his best “perv face.” It may not be as funny as Andy Richter’s, but at least it’ll be a good stress breaker.

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