Sneak a Peek at ‘Glee Project’ Winner’s ‘Glee’ Debut

'Glee' guest star and 'Glee Project' winner, Damian McGinty (Photo: Fox)

'Glee' guest star and 'Glee Project' winner, Damian McGinty (Photo: Fox)

Fox is teasing us with photos of cherub-faced Irish boys, and we’re okay with that.

Yes, the network took “Glee” away for a few weeks thinking we’d prefer to watch some, like, athletic-type thing… Men swing sticks and slide around in the dirt… I don’t know, I don’t want to talk about it.

BUT they have shown us what the future looks like when they give us our favorite show back, and we just can’t stay mad at them. Hello, Damian McGinty!

You last saw Damian’s baby blues leaking tears of ecstasy at being declared co-champion of “The Glee Project.” Starting Nov. 1, you’ll get to see him take part in his prize, a seven-episode arc on “Glee,” which, based on fresh photos from his first episode, came with a rockabilly’s guidebook to style.

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We already knew that Damian’s character, Rory Flanagan, would be shacking up at Brittany’s house (we’ll meet Mama Pierce!), but now the episode description tells us that Brit is convinced he’s a leprechaun. Don’t be too hard on Ms. Pierce for being confused by Damian’s brogue – even the GP producers felt the need to occasionally give him subtitles.

The latest trailer for the episode “Pot O’ Gold” revealed that drama is what’s at the end of this rainbow. We have potential poaching of glee members, a new candidate against Sue’s congressional run, a possible icky teacher-student romance, and a bad mommy frame job. Plus, listen! Another Katy Perry song (not so much dramatic as predictable-yet-shamelessly-catchy).

Basically, tune into “Glee” in November to see feuding, backstabbing, and a sweet little Irish lad whose crooning of jazz standards is sure to win him popularity with the WMHS jocks.

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