‘CSI: Miami’: Horatio Makes a Deal with His Wife’s Killer

On Sunday’s “CSI: Miami”, Horatio (David Caruso) turns to his wife’s killer — Mala Noche gang leader Memmo Fierro (Robert LaSardo) — to track down the man who killed the husband of a law enforcement official from Mexico.

When Anita Torres’ (Kate del Castillo) new husband (Carlos Sanz as Geraldo Torres) is killed by a car bomb – allegedly by the Mala Noche – she turns to Horatio for help in solving the crime and in keeping her brother (Marco James as Carlos Puente) safe.

“They want it known if you stand up to them, you die,” Anita says.

Sure in his conviction that Memmo ordered the hit, Horatio visits the convict in prison and threatens his daughter if he doesn’t help him solve the case. But Memmo tells Horatio that the order came from Mexico and was the work of a man known only as El Assassino.

To further complicate matters, the bomb was built using a U.S. military grenade that had been housed in Texas. Agent Brendon Dwyer (Scott Patterson, “Gilmore Girls”) tells the CSIs that the location where the arsenal was housed was attacked by the Mala Noche several months earlier and that is when the grenade would have been stolen.

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When Anita and Carlos are attacked by a gunman in their safe house, a cop is killed, which finally gives Horatio the help he needs from the Miami P.D.  Anita grabbed the silencer on the gun, and Walter Simmons (Omar Miller) and new CSI tech Jamie Mitchell (Amber Lancaster), a CSI transfer from Tallahassee, are able to recreate it from a photo of the burn on Anita’s hand and track down the man who made it. That leads them to the shooter — Luis Tafoya (Jeremiah Bitsui), who admits that the silencer was Memmo’s but that he was holding it for him. He also just happened to use it.

Interestingly, Luis also says that it wasn’t Anita that shot him but rather El Assassino. He is convinced it is because the contract killer doesn’t want anyone else making his kills for him, saying, “No one should get between him and his target.”

Then, Horatio and his team catch Dwyer in a sting to capture El Assassino – a tip that came from Memmo – and learn that the U.S. government provided the Mala Noche with guns. But the excuse Dwyer gives is the guns were equipped with sensors that would track their locations and help them capture the bad guys. This causes Det. Frank Tripp (Rex Linn) to quip, “Sometimes you have to dance with the devil to get out of hell.”

Using this info, the CSIs realize that the gunman is at Anita’s safe house. They race to the location only to discover the gun is in her brother Carlos’ backpack. Carlos swears that he doesn’t know how the gun came to be in his possession, which leads Horatio to order everyone to go back to step one.

When Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) does that and discovers that there is no blood on the car bomb, he and Horatio realize that Geraldo is El Assassino and that he was not in the car when the bomb went off. Rather, he pretended to kill himself because he fell in love with Anita and was trying to protect her. She had once told him that she would stop going after Mala Noche if it affected her family, so he thought if he “died,” she would quit. “How can I betray him?” Anita asks Horatio when he asks her to take part in a sting to catch El Assassino. But she does – and Horatio catches his man!

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