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Maks and Hope on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Maks and Hope on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

The “Dancing with the Stars” cast gave their regards to Broadway on Monday night as they put on the greasepaint (okay, and the spray tan too!) and shimmied to favorite show tunes.

But it was veteran DWTS hoofer Maksim Chmerkovskiy who truly stole the show, when, exasperated by the judges’ low scores for him and partner Hope Solo, said of “DWTS,” “This is MY show! I helped make it what it is.” Then he dug himself into a deeper hole, telling viewers he was sick and tired of being picked on. Wow, it was more than we could have hoped for Broadway week! Very “All About Eve”!

Before all the drama, however, let’s get you up to speed on what happened before Maks teed off on the judges…while the “DWTS” celebrities were backstage praying for rave reviews, the Broadway cast of “Sister Act” opened the show by performing “Raise Your Voice” and “Sunday Morning Fever” (with Whoopi Goldberg nowhere in sight). Meanwhile, “Wicked” star Kristin Chenoweth waited in the wings to sing “Maybe This Time” and “I Could Have Danced All Night.”

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But it was the celebrities and their dance partners who were ready to take center stage on week six of the competition. So who got a standing ovation, who needed an understudy, and who walked offstage in a huff? Read on…
Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke (Cha Cha) (“Walk like a Man” from “Jersey Boys”):

In rehearsal footage, Rob tells Cheryl how much he appreciates her pushing him forward in the competition. But does he need another big push, from, oh, let’s say a certain stage mom? Sure enough, Rob’s mom Kris Jenner materializes in the rehearsal studio, nagging Rob to step it up: It’s “time to kick ass” and “not be nice anymore,” Kris says. Despite this, Rob doesn’t seem to get the big hint, looking nerdy in his cha cha. “Walk like a man, look like a girl,” one press room observer sniffs. Cheryl does a sexy bump and grind while Rob resembles a deer in the headlights. Judge Len Goodman sums it up, saying the performance had “no rhythm” and Bruno Tonioli adds that Rob should just do what his mama told him! Poor Rob! He’s still being treated like a boy.
Score: 22

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus: (Foxtrot) (“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from “Spamalot”):
Nancy is worrying in rehearsal as usual, and this time about the complicated choreography. The TV prosecutor is still crabbing at her partner, telling Tristan he’s trying to add too many moves. At one point, Nancy swears like a sailor and gets bleeped. The pair looks cute in their Medieval Times wardrobe and after a tentative beginning, Nancy surprises everyone by kicking like a Rockette. While it ends with a cool side kick, though, this observer thinks the beginning was kind of lackluster. Still, Bruno said it was “well done” while Carrie Ann Inaba said it was even better, “a showstopper.” Nancy is teary-eyed after her great score, which includes a 9 from Carrie Ann.
Score: 24

David Arquette and Kym Johnson: (Quickstep) (“We Go Together” from “Grease”):
In rehearsal, David says he’s happy to be able to use “jazz hands” in his quickstep. He loves Broadway and with the high energy he’s shown this season, I’m really looking forward to this one. When they hit the dance floor, Kym looks just like Sandy from “Grease,” thoroughly adorable, and David keeps her in a strong hold as Courtney Cox and Coco cheer him on from the audience. It’s not bad but it somehow lacks the spirit and the great finish Nancy had provided. Carrie Ann says he lived up to the “Grease” theme but thinks the couple didn’t stay in sync. Len said “it was a bit rough around the edges.” David gives a great John Travolta impression for Brooke Burke in the post-dance interview that was sadly better than his quickstep.
Score: 23

Watch Monday Night’s Broadway-Themed Group Dance:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/2159779892/Relive-the-Dances%3A-Oct-24%2C-2011/embed 580 476]

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: (Quickstep) “(Luck be a Lady Tonight” from “Guys and Dolls”):
As they rehearse, taskmaster Derek opines that when he’s tough on Ricki, she tends to do better. Pensive Ricki fears front runner J.R. Martinez because he’s also doing a quickstep this week. They hit the dance floor, and Ricki and Derek look like Rat Pack perfection in their ultra-smooth foxtrot. They simply glide across the floor. Derek does a mean cartwheel to end the dance, and in a sure sign it’s going to be a top-scoring affair, the press room erupts in applause. Perfectionist Ricki looks concerned when she faces the judges, however. Those fears are quickly ended as Len plays off their song, saying, “You don’t need luck if you have talent.” The crabby judge still picks on Ricki’s head movements, though. Bruno praises Ricki’s impeccable style, leaving the former talk show hostess emotional. Carrie Ann loves it, too, and Derek swirls Ricki around in sheer joy. They get tens from Carrie Ann and Bruno with Len the holdout with a 9.
Score: 29

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer: (tango) (“Phantom of the Opera”):
“I can’t help you memorize your dance,” an annoyed Lacey tells Chaz in rehearsal footage. The dance veteran seems exasperated that Chaz is bobbling around the dance floor and could get “murdered” by the judges. When they start dancing, Chaz appears in the Phantom mask (where’s his “Mask” star mom? She’s missing from the audience this week). It seems more like Chaz is walking during most of the dance instead of tango-ing and he’s visibly winded at the end. Afterwards, Bruno says he looks like a penguin, not like the menacing panther that was needed for the Phantom part. Carrie Ann is kind, saying Chaz was aggressive in attitude. Len praises him for just getting through the routine (Huh? Is Len getting soft? It’s week 6!). “It didn’t suit your personality,” Len concludes. Chaz looks like he might be in elimination danger for Tuesday night’s show.
Score: 19

Hope Solo and Maks Chmerkovskiy: (rumba) (“Seasons of Love” from “Rent”):
Professional dancers arrive in the studio to help Hope learn to do a sexy walk on the dance floor. Maks worries she’ll look like a scarecrow. He also says, “I’m losing faith in you.” The downcast soccer star says that’s not good to hear. Things go further downhill in their dance. Dressed in a blue poncho, Hope looks awkward and her tentative style doesn’t improve throughout the dance. Aargh, Maks was right—she DOES look like a scarecrow, especially when she’s not in the hold position. Carrie Ann says she sees effort but Hope is forcing the moves. (Here, the ABC cameraman throws in a gratuitous shot of Kim Kardashian’s new husband, Chris Humphries, smirking in the audience). During the judging, Len says he never has lost faith in her (Hope, Faith? Get it?) but it’s her worst dance of the whole season. The crowd boos lustily! And then Maks goes ballistic, accusing the judges of making “judgmental comments.” We think he means constructive criticism. Backstage when talking to hostess Brooke Burke, Maks drops the bomb, that DWTS is HIS show. The journalists backstage are so shocked that there’s a group groan. Let’s see if Maks does backstage interviews after those diva comments!
Score: 20

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff: (quickstep) (“All That Jazz” from “Chicago”):
Karina calls this the most ambitious routine she’s attempted on DWTS. J.R. says the top of the leaderboard belongs to him. This one is so skilled that J.R. looks like a professional and there’s not much to say as the thrilled press room claps and hoots. Len says he’s truly relentless and it’s even better than Helio Castroneves’ quickstep. “It’s a hit!” Bruno raves. Everyone backstage thinks it will be the first perfect 30 of the season, but no, aargh, Len gives them a nine. But it’s clearly the dance of the night.
Score: 29

Group Dance:

With last week’s eliminee Carson Kressley acting as creative director, the gang rehearses together for the group number. They’re all delighted to see Carson, who promises to help them with the razzle dazzle. They’re going to dance to the Broadway tunes “Big Spender” and “Money Money”.

This was intended to be a fun number with no scoring, and the cast delighted viewers with a cute, non-judged group Broadway-themed dance… But from what Ricki Lake’s pro partner Derek Hough told reporters after the show, the dance rehearsal should have been called Stumbling with the Stars!

ABC footage showed a happy team rehearsing to Big Spender from Sweet Charity and Money Money from Cabaret, but Derek revealed it was more like a group hangover!: “To be totally honest, we had a mid-season cast party the night before and what they didn’t show was very, very hung over celebrities and pros and even cameramen.” Derek mimed cameras being shakily waved in the air, to the reporters’ laughter.

But the front running couple claims THEY weren’t the drunken ones. “He did not drink the whole night,” said Ricki of her clean-cut partner, and claimed she left the party after having only a couple of cocktails. “They were hurting,” Ricki said of some of her cast mates and backstage crew. “I wasn’t. I went home.” Clearly partying pales in comparison to a possible mirror ball trophy!

Tuesday night, dance choreographer Kenny Ortega is producing a special number with “High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu, so tune in to the elimination show!

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