Oh, Brothel! Olbermann Has a Brand-New Name for Fox News

Keith Olbermann and Alisyn Camerota, co-host of "Fox & Friends Weekend" (Photos: Getty Images)

Keith Olbermann is at it again — going after Fox News Channel and its personalities with name-calling.

This time, Keith’s calling Fox News — by far the leading cable news channel in terms of popularity (i.e. ratings) — a “political whorehouse.”

The issue for Keith: Criticism leveled at the Operation Wall Street protesters by the Fox newsies who co-host the channel’s weekend morning show, “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

Monday on his Current TV talk show, Olbermann went after the Fox show for comments that were made about a Florida mom, Stacy Hessler, 38, who was profiled last week in the New York Post for her decision to leave her husband and four children in Florida in order to camp out with the OWS protesters in lower Manhattan. (It was unclear if the woman had decided to abandon her family for good, or just for a few weeks of protesting.)

On “Fox & Friends Weekend,” the co-hosts apparently criticized Hessler for the way Hessler explained her behavior in one news account — likening her decision to “serve” with OWS to the decision military personnel make all the time when “choosing” to leave their families for tours of duty.

According to this account on the Huffington Post, the Fox co-hosts called Hessler’s comments “disgusting” and implied she was an unfit mother in the midst of a midlife crisis.

So Keith, who probably doesn’t know any more about Hessler and her motivations than the “Fox & Friends” weekenders, seized the opportunity to take them to woodshed. Said he, according to the HuffPo story, “So she’s disgusting, she’s having a midlife crisis, she is denying her husband sex and is an unfit mother because she decided to get involved in something political that she believes in?”

Then he castigated Alisyn Camerota, one of the Fox co-hosts, for leaving her children on weekend mornings to do her TV job at “the political whorehouse that is Fox News.”

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