‘American Idol’ Alum Crystal Bowersox Makes Acting Debut on ‘Body of Proof’

Crystal Bowersox (Fox)

Crystal Bowersox (Fox)

It’s a horse of a different color on “Body of Proof” when Zoe Brant (Crystal Bowersox), who is serving four to seven years for nearly beating her drug dealer to death, is accused of killing the woman whose horse therapy program was allegedly teaching her to control her emotions.

In the storyline, when Bryn Walker is found murdered, Bowersox’s Zoe is the first suspect questioned by Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) and Det. Bud Morris (John Carroll Lynch), who suspect she is not as rage-free as she pretends to be.

“I have a two-and-a-half year-old son and I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be locked up for a bad decision and away from him,” Bowersox told The Hollywood Reporter, of her character who is hoping to become a vet tech and win back custody of her daughter.  “I can hardly stand to go away for a couple days when I have a show. So, I really fed on that emotion and drawing from my own motherhood.”

Zoe is especially considered a suspect when Bryn’s blood is discovered on her shirt and the investigators haven’t yet discovered the switch in horses.

But it is Megan’s daughter Lacey (Mary Mouser), an avid equestrienne, who helps them break the case when she discovers that the stirrups on the white horse that Bryn had been riding in place of her usual chestnut mare had been tampered with.

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As the evidence mounts, it looks more and more like Zoe is guilty.  In addition to the blood on her shirt, her fingerprints are found on the paralytic drug with which Bryn was injected so her horse would throw her, plus she had access to the saddle and there were phone records from the stables to Zoe’s mother’s house.

Zoe insists that she hadn’t made the calls but that Bryn had been calling her mother to convince her that Zoe had changed. When Hunt and Morris finally discover the motive for murder, it turns out to be as old as time. Check out the video above and find out who the killer really is.

So how does Bowersox feel about her acting debut? “It was fun to get to be someone else for a minute,” she told TVGuide.com. “It’s something I might not actively pursue, but if I’m approached and someone says, ‘We think you’d be great for this,’ then I’d love to do it,” she says. “It’s definitely a cool thing to put on my resume.”

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