‘DWTS’ Elimination: Chaz Bono Angry At Bruno, Fears Mom Will Be ‘Pissed’

He was the most controversial competitor in ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ history, and on Tuesday night, Chaz Bono was eliminated while stirring more debate by implying fat men have no future on the hit ABC reality show.

On Tuesday night’s broadcast, the show aired footage from the night before which revealed Chaz had been devastated about judge Bruno Tonioli’s critique of his tango with partner Lacey Schwimmer— which included comparing DWTS’ first transgender contestant to a penguin. Chaz raged backstage that the judges love overweight women who compete on the show, but treated him like a “fat troll.”

Watch an overview of Chaz on “Dancing.”
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Chaz was gracious in taking his leave at the end of Tuesday’s show (“I’m just grateful to have had the experience. I’m not leaving this show bitter or angry or anything”), but backstage, he reiterated to reporters that the judging was unfair: “The comments about me referred more to my size and shape and stuff than my dancing and my technique.

“I talked to a lot of people about it. Last night was just hard because we both felt last night was a good dance and we thought we deserved better.”

Chaz said he felt picked on, but when asked if he had any parting words for Bruno, he said, simply, “No.” Standing by his side, his loyal partner Lacey reiterated, “Nothing. I think they need to focus on actually judging dancing skills rather than a personality or a look.”

Watch the full episode here.

Cher’s son, who recently changed his sex after growing up as a woman named Chastity Bono, added, “I don’t have to wake up and be Bruno tomorrow. I get to wake up and be me.”

Although Bruno left a sour taste in his mouth, Chaz hoped he had inspired people and said, “I loved this experience. I learned that I was capable of so much more than I thought I was.”

He was also cheered on by friends and family, including fiancée Jennifer Elia and his famous mom, Cher. “My mom will probably be pissed,” he smiled about his DWTS elimination.

“Jenny’s kind of bummed out and I talked to her today and I was like, ‘look, If I go, I’ve done everything I wanted to do. I got to stay a good long time. Everything I did was respectable and if it’s my time, it’s okay.’ ”

In fact, they sensed their number was up, Lacey said: “After last night, it was kind of a no-brainer. I mean, the judges’ comments and scores kind of set it all up.”

“It’s hard to compete in a competition at this point when you’re being scored so much lower than everybody else,” added Chaz, who got just 19 points.

When asked by Xfinitytv.com if he’ll continue dancing, Chaz quipped, “Every chance I get,” then said, “I don’t know. If it arises, I would do it. I definitely had fun dancing and I felt like I was a lot better than I thought I would be.” Although he was voted off during Broadway week after performing a Phantom of the Opera number, he’d love to do a Broadway show, “in a hot second.”

But for now, Chaz said he’s taking “a little breather” after DWTS.

And he’ll continue trying to get fit and healthy. Chaz said “before I started this show, I tried to get into boxing just for exercise. It’s a sport I love. It was such a hard workout and it killed my knees and I’m in so much better shape [now] that I’ll probably go back and add that to my regular workouts with my trainer.”

So take that, Bruno!

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