Eddie Murphy Cracks Up Al Roker on the ‘Today’ Show

Eddie Murphy on the "Today" show (NBC)

Eddie Murphy on the "Today" show (NBC)

Eddie Murphy has been making the interview rounds to promote his new movie “Tower Heist,” and he sat down with Al Roker on the “Today” show to discuss the movie as well as his upcoming Oscars hosting stint.

In the interview we saw both sides of Murphy: Serious Eddie talked about how he came up with the idea for the movie, while Stand-Up Eddie recycled the same line that he told “Entertainment Tonight” a few days ago,  that his plan for the Oscarcast was to come out in a sky-blue tuxedo, then “urinate myself.” Al must not be a big “ET” watcher, as the line made him laugh so hard that he almost fell off his chair.

Between Al’s and the crew’s guffaws, Murphy also explained why he didn’t show up at “SNL” when his “Heist” co-star Ben Stiller hosted: “We just couldn’t make it come together quick enough, but I’d love to go back there.”

Somehow, Al assumed that the show didn’t have possession of the costumes Murphy wore during the show, and that somewhere in Eddie’s closet hangs a Gumby suit. Murphy set the jovial weatherman straight, making up what that conversation would have sounded like: “I’m leaving the show, and I want the Buckwheat suit. Don’t ask questions; just put it in the bag!”

Watch Eddie Murphy on “Today:”

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