‘Revenge’s Nick Wechsler: Jack is a Huge Threat to Emily

Nick Wechsler on Revenge (ABC)

Nick Wechsler on Revenge (ABC)

Revenge” is this television season’s biggest surprise. The drama about a woman systematically destroying the lives of the people who framed her father for a crime he did not commit has turned out to be one of the most engrossing, entertaining shows on television. The show’s one truly moral character is barkeep and sailor Jack, who finds himself inexplicably drawn to Emily (Emily VanCamp), not realizing that she is really his childhood crush Amanda. Nick Wechsler, who plays the working class hero, reveals why tonight’s episode, “Intrigue” is a game-changer for almost every character, why Jack does not have the same accent as his brother Declan (Connor Paolo) and offers a possible explanation for Sammy The Dog’s surprising longevity.

The previews hint that this week Jack could be a threat to Emily. Why?
Basically, it could change his dynamic with Emily. There are many reasons he threatens her, threatens to blow her cover, threatens to reveal her whole revenge plot because he is this guy from her past she has feelings for. This is a significant episode for that kind of stuff. That’s all I’ll say about it… Episode six is one of my favorites, if not my favorite because it had so much significant character stuff for everyone except for Ashley. It gave everyone something meaty. It’s hard to write something significant for all of them [the characters] in the same episode. But in this episode, everyone gets some attention and it’s juicy stuff. There’s some cool s–t with Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Tyler (Ashton Holmes).

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Is Tyler in love with Daniel?
It’s hard to say what his motivations are because it’s, Does he have feelings for his old college friend? So far, in this world they’ve created, everyone but Emily and the Porters, is obsessed with status and wealth so is he pursuing that and it’s all manipulation. We don’t know yet.

Does Jack on some unconscious level recognize that Emily is Amanda?
I don’t think so. I think if he knew on a subconscious level, he would know. I don’t think there’s a way you could have a huge crush on someone, think, There’s something about this girl and I can’t put my finger on it, and then somewhere in the back of your mind be like, Maybe she’s that girl I named my boat after. But maybe not – and not put those things together. I think he has to just not know. I think he confuses the sensation of being really drawn to her because of who she is to him, because of the familiarity and because of their past, with thinking, She’s just a really attractive girl who I have chemistry with.

In the last episode, Daniel took a job as a bartender at Jack’s bar. How will Jack being Daniel’s boss change the dynamic of the Jack/Emily/Daniel triangle?
The idea, I think, for having him get hired there is to ratchet up the tension as far as this love triangle’s concerned. I think ultimately it ends up not being utilized much, which is kind of disappointing because you want to make things more tense for them. Having him around makes me [Jack] really uncomfortable. I can’t wait for him to f— up so I can fire him and get rid of him. [Joshua Bowman] had this theory in an interview that maybe he takes this job to be close to Emily. I like the idea that he’s doing it to stay close to Emily, too, and to keep an eye on her. But the cool thing about it is that being his boss is such a rare moment of me having power over one of the elite. I get to manipulate the situation a little bit and it leaves me some room to pursue her a little more.

Nolan and Jack have one of the most entertaining relationships on the show. Where is their reluctant bromance headed?
It’s a generally hard one to answer because he is so ambiguous. You never know with Nolan (Gabriel Mann)  if he’s manipulating the situation or if he’s trying to get close to me to [screw] with Emily or to manipulate her into letting him get involved in their relationship. Their relationship is sort of brother-sister and he’s always pushing her buttons. It’s like she’s playing ball and he wants to join and she won’t let him. So he’s like, You have to let me play or I’ll tell Mom. So it’s hard to tell if I’m a pawn to him or if he genuinely wants me to hang out with him for the summer – if he genuinely wants me to be his friend. I like the idea that he has genuine affection for her dad because he took him under his wing and nurtured his career, but it’s really hard to know where this is all going.

One of my friends swears he read that “Revenge” is a one season show. Does he need to take a reading comprehension class?
I don’t want to tell your friend that he’s really stupid, but what everyone has to keep in mind when they express this concern that we’re going to run out of ideas and it’s going to get tired because Emily can’t get revenge all the time, you’ve got to keep in mind that we’re not idiots. We’re not going to take a person down every single episode. She’d run out of red ink. The other thing he needs to keep in mind is there’s very little mystery about where a story of revenge ends up. The mystery is how we get there. Any story about revenge is ultimately a story about forgiveness, redemption, or the futility of revenge. So we are likely heading there. It’s how we get there that we can get seasons out of. You start a show about revenge with a girl taking down a baddie every episode. Then I think you start easing into character stuff, their relationships and how that complicates revenge plots. There’s plenty of stuff that can take over and not be all revenge all the time.

How is Sammy the dog so seemingly young and energetic after all these years?
Some people have been theorizing that he’s a ghost dog. He should be long dead. Is he taking a helicopter from Montauk to the Hamptons? Because that’s 40 miles or so. The episode where he runs away [to Emily], that’s unlikely. And he does it twice.

Is there ever going to be an episode where Jack asks Declan about his strange accent?
I’m going to defend Connor by saying I screwed him over. I would argue I was screwed over first, but he’s just better at it than I am. I can’t do the accent very well. So I have for the most part abandoned it because I find it distracting and I feel like an audience doesn’t give a [damn] if you say someone is from somewhere but don’t really have them do much of an accent. If I have a certain attitude and do certain things right you can get away with it easier than you can doing an accent and doing it badly. That will ruin the suspension of disbelief for everyone whereas not doing an accent will only ruin the suspension of disbelief for people from Montauk. He’s from New York and I think he relishes the  challenge of seeming like he’s from this different part of New York.  He’s just being a good, hard working actor and I am terrible at accents. So unfortunately I make him look bad. We got these accents kind of sprung on us at the last second like, “Oh, yeah, you’re from Montauk and we want you to do accents, so here’s three days notice and two YouTube videos.” I couldn’t get it down in time. I really am ashamed of my accent in the pilot.

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