Bette Midler on Sex with Geraldo Rivera: ‘Ew!’

by | October 27, 2011 at 12:13 PM | TV News

Bette Midler on 'The Joy Behar Show' (Photo: HLN)

Bette Midler on 'The Joy Behar Show' (Photo: HLN)

We love it when celebrities are caught off guard.

Take Bette Midler’s priceless reaction on “The Joy Behar Show” Tuesday night, when she took a Facebook fan question while showing off “Bette’s Most Outrageous Costumes.”

Behar read the unexpected question: “Ask her if she was drunk when she had sex with Geraldo.”

Seems the Divine Miss M shagged Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera back in the day and he wrote about it in his autobiography – a minor detail that Midler was apparently unaware of.

“Ew. Geraldo?” Midler replied. “I did have sex with Geraldo,” she admitted, “but I don’t think I would write about it. … It was nothing to write home about,” she then quipped.

“Oh, the ultimate diss!” a giddy Behar replied.

Midler did give her former flame one compliment though: “He was cute in those days.”

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