Trump Aims Ominous Tweet at MSNBC’s O’Donnell

Lawrence O'Donnell (left) and Donald Trump (Photos: Getty Images)

Lawrence O'Donnell (left) and Donald Trump (Photos: Getty Images)

Donald Trump is feuding with another O’Donnell. This time, it’s Lawrence, not Rosie.

Lawrence O’Donnell, the host of “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” (weeknights at 10/9c on MSNBC), has been slagging Trump on his talk show lately, and Trump fired back Wednesday night with a cheeky Tweet here that this story on The Huffington Post interpreted as a “threat” to sue O’Donnell.

We don’t agree that Trump’s question, posted rhetorically on Twitter (i.e. “Maybe I should sue him?”), was all that threatening. But you never know with Trump since he can afford to sue because he has deep pockets.

And that is what these two appear to be feuding about – Trump’s pockets and their relative depth. Basically, O’Donnell “accused” Trump of misrepresenting his wealth in his claims that he’s a multibillionaire when, according to O’Donnell, Trump is not one. We’re not sure how much money O’Donnell thinks Trump has, but we always assumed that, even if he’s not a multibillionaire, he’s probably a lot richer than most of us.

According to the HuffPo story, O’Donnell said this “not a billionaire” revelation is Trump’s “big secret” and O’Donnell is aware of it, making it seem as if O’Donnell unearthed this factoid all by himself and it is now his alone.

However, the “secret” about Trump’s wealth gets reported from time to time in the business press, particularly The Wall Street Journal a few years back, so the “news” that Trump might not be a billionaire is not exactly news (though we should add here that Trump always denies these stories and claims repeatedly that he is a billionaire).

Anyway, here’s O’Donnell’s “evidence” for believing Trump is not as wealthy as he says he is. Trump, says O’Donnell, is obviously not wealthy because he stars in a reality-TV series (“The Apprentice”). According to O’Donnell’s reasoning, “There is no amount of money that a TV network could offer a billionaire – a real billionaire – to induce him or her to become a reality TV performer.”

We happen to think O’Donnell’s dead wrong on that. Last time we checked, Mark Cuban was a billionaire, and he’s been in at least two reality series that we can think of. The thing is: Some billionaires happen to enjoy the attention they get from appearing on TV. Trump is one of them. While we’re sure the money is quite good to star in and produce “The Apprentice,” Trump probably just loves being on TV.

“Donald Trump has never suffered sharper or more accurate criticism than what has been said about him on this program this year,” O’Donnell announced on Wednesday night’s “Last Word.” Now that’s a claim we can’t help refuting – Donald Trump has been a media figure for the better part of 25 years, if not longer.

We happen to think The Donald has a much thicker skin than O’Donnell gives him credit for.

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