Why You Should Watch: Showtime’s Lurid, Entertaining Adult Reality Series, ‘Gigolos’

Gigolos (Showtime)

Gigolos (Showtime)

Our newest feature, “Why You Should Watch?” recommends shows that can and should fit into any TV viewers’ busy schedule, but may have fallen into their DVR blind spot or been less well-publicized than your average network sitcom or premium-cable drama.

Last week, we encouraged a journey into the self-destructive world of London crime-fighter Idris Elba in BBC America’s “Luther.” This week, we recommend Season 2 of “Gigolos,” Showtime’s controversial, ludicrously watchable reality series about the lives of Las Vegas male escorts. Assuming, of course, that you’re of a certain age, because when it comes to “Gigolos,” tricks are definitely not for kids.

WHY YOU PROBABLY AREN’T WATCHING “GIGOLOS”: There are a number of perfectly viable reasons: Either your husband or wife doesn’t condone you watching what they deem televised prostitution; you yourself determined it’s just late-night cable trash; you’re already in bed by 11 p.m. Thursday, and there’s simply too much other good TV on the weekends to catch one of its several re-airings; or because Showtime doesn’t exactly promote “Gigolos” with the same enthusiasm as some of its prestige original programming.

WHY YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING “GIGOLOS”: Yes, there is a good deal of full-frontal nudity and rather graphic intercourse of various kinds. But it’s also hilarious and impossible to turn away from mid-episode. The men of Cowboys 4 Angels escort service—Nick, Vin, Brace, Steven and Jimmy—are bronzed, beefy, dopey and simultaneously insecure and overconfident. At  its most entertaining, “Gigolos” is basically akin to a gender-experimented episode of “Sunset Tan,” or even “Real Housewives,” with a bit of “Cathouse” kink. Will Jimmy’s male-whoring prevent him from receiving a condo loan? Can Brace continue defying age and plunder many a lonely Vegas bachelorette? Is Nick’s aspiring hip-hop career going to make him the new Countess Luann? Stay tuned.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET STARTED WITH “GIGOLOS”: Just to reiterate, this is a hard MA-rated half-hour. If you have little kids, wipe this one clean from the DVR immediately after watching. And take a shower. You might feel kind of icky.

“Gigolos” (Showtime, Thursdays at 11/10c)

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