Ridge’s Purple Scarf Steals the Show on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

Real Men Wear Scarves

Over the years, soap operas have incorporated many of their stars real life interests and experiences into the shows.  “One Life To Live’s” Blair (Kassie DePaiva) occasionally sings because DePaiva is a singer. “General Hospital’s” Sonny is bipolar because of Maurice Benard’s own struggles with bipolar disorder. “The Bold & the Beautiful” broke hilarious new ground in this area this week with Ridge’s (Ronn Moss) giant purple scarf. This bold (pun intended) accessory stole every scene that it was in. Thorne’s (Windsor Harmon) attempt to take control of Forrester Creations was the most interesting thing to happen on the show in weeks and yet all I could focus on was the giant purple cloth wrapped around Ridge’s neck. Did Ridge skin McDonald’s Grimace and decide to wear the pelt? Did he just read The Color Purple and get inspired?  When Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) saw him getting dressed that morning did she try to talk him out of it? Was this Ridge’s attempt to get everyone on the show to stop talking about the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle by distracting them with his clothing? Was Ridge demonstrating his support for anti-bullying initiatives a week after Spirit Day?

This grand sartorial choice is somewhat plausible in that Ridge is a fashion designer, and as a “Project Runway” fan, I know that male fashion designers tend to get overly creative with their own wardrobes. Anyone who has ever seen Moss at an awards show or photographed on the red carpet knows that man loves scarves. Steven Tyler’s mic stand is his apparent fashion muse. One of Moss’s scarves even made a notable cameo in the premiere episode of “Dirty Soap.”

B&B announced with great fanfare several months ago that it was going to be featuring more fashion-forward clothing. Between this and Steffy’s spandex and combat boots wedding ensemble, I am beginning to question whether I understand what the words fashion forward mean. This is not a complaint. The crazy clothes are fun to watch. Ridge should wear a different color scarf every day. Maybe he could create a Forrester Man-cessories line. Perhaps his purple scarf could have an affair with a Hope For the Future dress, since B&B’s loves to create nearly incestuous couples. All hail the mighty purple scarf.


Take My Husband, Please

The Bold & the Beautiful” continues to perpetuate the idea that people and relationships are interchangeable. On the heels of Liam (Scott Clifton) marrying Steffy (Jacqueline Wood) the day after his relationship with Hope (Kimberly Matula) ended, Jackie (Lesley Anne Down) out of the blue announced to Owen (Brandon Beemer) that they should get a divorce so he can pursue a relationship with Bridget, the mother of his child. Apparently, Jackie sent Bridget and Owen on a trip together off-camera because she suddenly decided that, though she still loves Owen, she should sacrifice her own happiness so the baby could grow up in a traditional family.

Owen was mildly sad about it for a few minutes. Then he and Bridget had a conversation in which they agreed that they got along well and were attracted to each other, so they might as well move in together.  It was like the lease expired on his car and he was deciding whether to buy it outright or purchase a new one. Bridget did not seem to mind that Owen planned on spending the rest of his life with Jackie until she ordered him to date Bridget instead. Jackie, for her part, has already kissed Eric (John McCook). On one hand, it’s a refreshing change from the typical soap character’s attitude that their love interest du jour is the only person on earth capable of making them happy. On the other hand, this is not the way that real human beings behave. How am I supposed to care about any relationships these characters have if they mean so little to them? It’s a romance, not a job. You aren’t supposed to have your next one lined up when you leave.

Missed Opportunity: The Abbotts Get Jabot Back

Last week, “The Young & The Restless‘” Jack (Peter Bergman) finally purchased Jabot from Tucker (Stephen Nichols). Jack has spent years trying to get the cosmetics company that his father created back in his family’s hands. This should have been a huge event, with all of the Abbotts gathering to savor the sweet victory and Jack’s longtime nemesis Victor (Eric Braeden) grudgingly congratulating him. Instead, it was dismissed in a couple of low key, blink and you miss them, scenes. Jack shared the moment with Ashley and Tucker, but ended up celebrating with Genevieve (Genie Francis) in scenes that existed solely as a contrivance to get Genevieve out of her house before Colin attempted to blow it up. Far more airtime was devoted to multiple characters pondering why they received a text message from Ronan than to this major event for one of the show’s core families. The writing could have referenced decades of Y&R history. It’s a delicious irony that Jack now has his company firmly under his control, while Victor had to take Newman Enterprises public due to his children’s lawsuit over their trust funds. By the way, neither of those potentially great plot twists ultimately had any lasting repercussions. It’s disappointing that Y&R is giving short shrift to the good aspects of the show right now to devote more time to Law and Order: Genoa City.

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