‘Vampire Diaries’: Night of the Living Dead

Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy and Malese Jow as Anna on The Vampire Diaries (Bob Mahoney/The CW)

Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy and Malese Jow as Anna on The Vampire Diaries (Bob Mahoney/The CW)

Everyone’s favorite dead characters were temporarily resurrected in this week’s episode of the “Vampire Diaries,” “Ghost World.” The spell Bonnie cast to send Vicki away last week had the unintended consequence of letting those supernatural creatures stuck on “the other side” come back to earth as fully visible, sentient beings. It was the Mystic Falls All Stars: Gram (Jasmine Guy), Lexi (Arielle Kebbel), and Mason (Taylor Kinney).

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) wakes up chained to a chair, with a poker stuck in his chest. He assumes that it’s one of Stefan’s Ripper moves, but the culprit is actually Mason, looking to pay Damon back for killing him. Elena (Nina Dobrev) comes up with the excellent idea of asking Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to use his ability to talk to the dead to get Lexi to return to help Stefan (Paul Wesley) regain his humanity, as she did in the past. Jeremy’s more immediate concern is kissing Anna (Malese Jow) now that they can touch.

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Nonetheless, Lexi soon appears to Stefan. Next thing he knows, he’s chained up in the old city jail. Lexi puts Stefan through vampire rehab, which involves using her powers to essentially speed up his metabolism so he can feel like he has not drank blood in years, and beats him up, so he will start to feel something. Don’t think about it too closely because it does not make a lot of sense.

After Damon semi apologizes to Mason for the whole untimely death thing, the ghost werewolf tells him that he knows of a weapon that can kill Klaus. It is a little odd that Mason is not more interested in visiting his nephew Tyler, but it’s Michael Trevino‘s week off. Mason presumably thinks killing Klaus is the best way to end Tyler’s Klaus worship. The two search for the mysterious weapon in the Lockwood cellar. Mason reveals he is not back for revenge, but for redemption. Redemption seems like it would be a much less entertaining show than “Revenge.”

Meanwhile Gram appears to Bonnie (Kat Graham) and tells her that it was her meddling with life and death to bring Jeremy back that threw everything in the universe off balance. It’s up to her to find a way to restore the natural order and send the dead back to the other side. It turns out that Elena’s necklace is the key to making the spell work. That’s why the Original Witch told Klaus that it was needed to make hybrids. She was hoping to get her hands on it. There is only one problem. The necklace is not at the Salvatore estate. It turns out that Anna has it. She has no incentive to give it back, because she likes being on earth. When Caroline tells Bonnie that Jeremy kissed Anna, Bonnie’s quest to get rid of the ghosts gets a lot more personal.

The tomb vampires from the Civil War era have also returned. Their agenda is to kill all of Mystic Falls’ founding families, since they are still angry about the Council’s plan to burn them to death in the church. Conveniently, there is yet another Mystic Falls historical festival. The vampires kill a never before seen town historian. Their next target is Carol Lockwood. Caroline bravely fights them to save the woman who has spent most of the season treating her like dirt.

Elena convinces Anna that she is holding Jeremy back from living his life. Anna finally gives up the necklace.  Bonnie and Gram cast a spell that involves melting the necklace in the fire. After Gram tells Bonnie she’s stronger that she realizes, she disappears. Anna reunites with her mother, Pearl, so she will no longer have to be alone, before she, too disappears. Mason disappears just as he is about to tell Damon something important. After Lexi fades away, Elena tells Stefan that if he does not allow himself to feel again he will lose her. She will not spend the rest of her life loving a ghost.

An empowered Bonnie tells Jeremy she is not going to settle for being his second choice, pointing out that it was easier for Matt to let go of his sister than it was for him to say goodbye to Anna. She seems to have developed a real appreciation for Matt. After Jeremy leaves, Bonnie notices that the necklace has mysteriously put itself back together. It is the most powerful piece of jewelry on earth. It is destined to win “Project Accessory.”

Damon continues his adventures in the Lockwood cellar with Ric (Matt Davis). They find a wall covered with what appear to be cave drawings. Neither has any idea what they are. Fortunately, next week’s preview informs us that they are the work of Vikings and will reveal everything we ever wanted to know about the Originals.

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