‘X-Factor’ Francis/Perez Hilton Start War of Words

CR: Nino Munoz / FOX.

CR: Nino Munoz / FOX.

It didn’t take long for Fox’sThe X-Factor” to start a few feuds.

After reports surfaced that singer/contestant Stacy Francis has been on Broadway, had small roles in movies and television and worked with Madonna, Prince , Whitney Houston, and Chaka Khan, gossip blogger Perez Hilton continued to attack Francis for her professional past, calling her a fraud for the show.

Hilton told The Hollywood Reporter that the reasoning behind his attacks is that “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!” On his site, Hilton wrote “She’ll be out of the competition as soon as Simon Cowell gets wind of all this treachery. If there is one person who appreciates professional honesty, it’s Simon!”

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Francis, however, has returned fire, telling fans and doubters that her shot at a big career was taken away due to an abusive relationship. She tweeted, ” I haven’t performed in 12 years bcuz I was in a domestic abuse relationship. and then I was told I was too old.”

She also tweeted, “If I am such a huge star..I have a question for all of my NEW FANS!?? DID YOU KNOW MY NAME B4 The Xfactor?? no u didn’t SImon discovered me.”

Francis released a statement on her website stating, “There are a lot of things which aren’t true being said about me, too many to list actually! So I just wanted to tell you I have always been honest with you and will continue to do so. I could only have wished to have had the success and support some people now claim I have—but right now I’m getting my break and thank you for this!”

As for Hilton, his site continues to post details that are supposed to reveal more of her past as well as poster. He writes, “Wow! So many celebrities! You would think at least one of them would introduce her to the right people. You would think all the years of touring and being on Broadway would’ve helped her catch the eye of some producer. And even if not, you would think these would be the kinds things that would be brought up in a background check for a major television show trying to pass her off as a amateur.”

The feud continues…

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