Watch: Fallon, Timberlake’s ‘History of Rap 3’

Jimmy Fallon (left) and Justin Timberlake on "Late Night" Friday night (Photo: NBC)

Jimmy Fallon demonstrated once again Friday night why he’s considered the most talented man in late-night.

Well, that’s what we consider him. And on NBC’s “Late Night” Friday night, Jimmy proved talented enough to keep up with another entertainer blessed with multiple talents, Justin Timberlake.

The two duetted on another one of their occasional rap medleys — this one titled “The History of Rap 3” — in which they channeled an entire jukebox’s worth of classic rap, including golden greats from the likes of the Fresh Prince (Will Smith), LL Cool J, De La Soul and, seemingly, about a dozen others or more.

The thing that sets Fallon apart from the other late-night hosts: Most of them do just one thing — they’re comedians, basically. But except for Conan O’Brien occasionally taking up a guitar on his TBS show, no other late-night host is as musically adept as Fallon.

Hey, you might not even be a particular fan of Fallon’s “Late Night” show — for whatever reason. But our prediction for him is this: He’s already a shoe-in for taking over “The Tonight Show” when NBC finally figures out a way to ease Jay Leno into retirement.

When that happens, please try and remember: You heard it hear first back in 2011.

Meanwhile, you must watch Jimmy and Justin kickin’ it old school, right here:

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