Ruth Madoff on ’60’: The Day She Learned the Truth

Ruth Madoff on "60 Minutes" (Photo: CBS)

Ruth Madoff says she was “paralyzed” when her husband first told her about the Ponzi scheme he’d been hiding from her.

And yet, the two were somehow able to contain their emotions when they attended their company’s Christmas party that evening, she tells interviewer Morley Safer on “60 Minutes.”

The sensational interview, Ruth Madoff’s first since the scandal of her husband Bernard Madoff’s con game was first revealed to the world nearly three years ago, on Dec. 11, 2008, airs Sunday night (Oct. 30) at 7/6c on CBS.

That was the day FBI agents showed up at their apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side at 7 o’clock in the morning to arrest her husband.

“I was kind of paralyzed,” Ruth Madoff tells Safer about how she felt when Bernie confessed the scheme, according to excerpts released by CBS. “Bernie got up and said, ‘I’m going back to the office.’ And . . .”

“Was he emotional in any way?” Safer asked her.

“I don’t remember that either, he must have been,” she said. “. . . I’m not hedging here, I don’t . . . I just simply don’t remember every detail. I was in such a state.”

“But later that day, that evening, you both turned up at the office Christmas party,” Safer said.

“I know,” she said. “He phoned me from the office and said, ‘We have to go to the office Christmas party.’ So I got myself together and went over there. We stayed a half an hour. And we just went home. And the next morning, the FBI was there to arrest him about 7 a.m.”

Earlier: In this clip, Ruth Madoff tells Safer about her — and Bernie’s — suicide attempt:

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