‘CSI: Miami’ Goes ‘Twilight’ When an Exsanguinated Body Is Discovered

CSI: Miami (CBS)

CSI: Miami (CBS)

Happy Halloween! A completely bloodless body that appears to have been killed by a vampire is found hanging from the rafters of the seemingly deserted mansion of a “Twilight”-style, best-selling author and Horatio and the “CSI: Miami” crew have a helluva time finding the crime scene — and the author.

A mysterious 911 call sends Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) and Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) to the home of Marilyn Milner (Diane Farr), author of a series of vampire books, on a private island. The house is dark and appears to be abandoned until they discover the body of the author’s housekeeper suspended upside down in the living room, completely drained of blood and with bite marks on her neck.

Apparently, it is really hard to drain blood from a body when the heart stops beating, so Calleigh feels that the victim was alive when the blood was sucked out of her.

When the M.E. (Christian Clemenson) examines the body, we almost have a second death on our hands when he gets hemlock on his hands. Yes, it seeped through his gloves and made his hands all tingly.

The CSIs find the gardener, who explains he plants hemlock to keep pests out of the garden, and that the victim – Andrea Edison (Aria Pullman) was not poisoned, but that she liked to spend her lunch hour outside, where she probably came in contact with it. Red herring!

Then a note, written in blood, is found in a strange language, which when translated says, “I will drink the blood of a virgin.” The team determines from a blood analysis that it was written by an obsessed fan Wes Rayburn (Chad Todhunter). Wes broke into the house and found Andrea’s body. Assuming in his twisted mind that Marilyn had left the body of a virgin for him, he bit her neck, thinking he would drink the blood. Man, was he disappointed! So disappointed, he tries to bite Calleigh.

But the case gets even more twisted when it turns out that Andrea, the gardener Kenny Barnsdall (Michael Ray Escamilla) and the chef Lawrence Kingman (Orlando Jones) are not exactly who they claimed to be.

Fianlly, Horatio finds the manuscript for the next book in Marilyn’s vampire franchise and realizes the crime is exactly described in the novel. It has to be an inside job!

But the killer is only uncovered when some tiny particles are found in Andrea’s hair that leads to a search that turns up a fingerprint. Watch the video to discover just who our vampire killer is!


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