Five Warning Signs That Kim & Kris’ Marriage Was Doomed

by | October 31, 2011 at 10:11 PM | TV News

Kim Kardashian (E!)

Kim Kardashian (E!)

Jumpin’ jack flash! Kim Kardashian was in such a rush to announce her 72-day marriage was over on Thursday that she forgot to tell hubby Kris Humphries about it. Instead, she fled into the arms of her Lord Fame-Maker Ryan Seacrest to tell him the news first. (Awww, so sweet, so Hollywood.)

Although Kimmie-kins may not have found her “forever” with her NBA giant, she’s thanking her lucky stars that she at least got a pre-nup and pocketed $18 million for her fairytale scam wedding.

Since it’s still really, really fresh in our memory, let’s look back at five warning signs that spelled out doomsday for these hasty lovebirds:

1) Falling in love with someone because you think they’ll take a backseat to your career.

2) When your groom is hanging onto his mustache to remind him he at least has power over his hair follicles.

3) When your core values are so different, you can’t even agree on what your freakin’ last name is gonna be.

4) Not allowing your hubby-to-be to see you at your most vulnerable (i.e. ugly cry with snot running down your nose).

5) When your entire family pretty much hates your dude’s guts.

We hope for Kim’s sake she still has Reggie Bush on speed dial.