‘Castle’: Beckett Rides to Castle’s Rescue

Castle (ABC)

Castle (ABC)

Finally, “Castle” fans got an episode that focused on Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) relationship. Ever since the stellar season premiere, in which Beckett pretended that she did not remember Castle professing his love for her before he got shot, the show has had them working a variety of lighthearted cases, busting ghosts and comic book characters. There were brief moments of chemistry, but the emphasis was on solving the case of the week.

This week, “Cops and Robbers” made up for it. It was one of the shippiest episodes ever. As in many of the show’s strongest episodes, our heroes are directly involved in the mystery.  This time, Castle and Martha (Susan Sullivan) went to the bank in search of a loan for Martha’s acting school. (She turned down Castle’s money, otherwise he would be the world’s worst millionaire son.) Moments later, they found themselves in the midst of a bank robbery. Castle, Martha, and numerous other customers and employees are held hostage by a group of people dressed like surgeons who all use the names of fictional television doctors. Who knew Dr. Huxtable and Dr. Quinn were capable of such violence?

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Breaking Bad’sDean Norris guest stars as the captain of the SWAT team, but because Castle was on the phone with Beckett when the robbers made their move, head robber Trapper John insists that she be the hostage negotiator. Though she has no training, she of course proves herself a quick study. Castle quickly deduces that the real purpose of the robbery is not to steal money but to take the contents of a specific safe deposit box. He cleverly uses Martha’s bracelet, to signal Beckett in Morse Code. She figures out that he is referring to a specific safe deposit box and dispatches Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) to the owner’, Agnes’ apartment. They find her a strangled corpse. Good thing a bunch of homicide cops are investigating this bank robbery!

When one of the hostages, Sal, has an epileptic seizure, Castle persuades Trapper John to summon a paramedic. Enter Beckett, at her most bad ass, wearing a paramedic’s uniform.While she puts Sal on a gurney, Castle manages to slip a piece of paper to Beckett. It reads, “Check yes if you love me.” Actually, it says “C4”, alerting her to the fact that the robbers have explosives.

[Insert Beckett entering the bank, 32 minutes]

Trapper John threatens to start killing hostages when the bus he has requested does not arrive. Beckett breaks hostage negotiator protocol and warns him, “I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet through your skull.” It works. He backs down, but ties up all the hostages. Suddenly, there’s a huge explosion that blows a wall of the bank wide open. Beckett rushes inside and finds all the hostages alive and well in the bank vault. She rushes to Castle and unties him, seemingly unaware of all the other hostages. It’s an unspoken declaration of love.

Though the hostage crisis is now over, there’s still the matter of why it happened. It turns out that robbers were mercenaries. They died in the explosion because the C4 went off earlier than planned. Sal is actually the mastermind. He is the son-in-law of poor, dead Agnes. He staged the robbery to get access to her safe deposit box to find out the location of his wife and child, who faked their own deaths to escape his abuse. The team figures out that Sal headed to Ithaca to track them down and alerts the local police in time to arrest him before he can kidnap his son.

We get one more scene of Castle and Beckett goodness, when Castle invites Beckett over for dinner. The two argue about who saved the other’s life more often. The fact that each has rescued the other on numerous occasions is what makes their relationship so special, and, dare I say, feminist.  Unfortunately, they fail to take advantage of the occasion, and the wine, to have a freaking conversation about the fact that they are in love with each other. Maybe four months from now when there is another shipper episode, Beckett will admit that she remembers everything Castle said to her when she was shot.

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