Conan O’Brien’s Jealous of Jimmy Fallon’s Ice Cream

Stephen Colbert has one. So does Jimmy Fallon. With a name like Conan (cone-an, you dig?), why doesn’t Conan O’Brien have his own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor? On last night’s “Conan,” which O’Brien hosted from the Beacon Theater in New York,  the Redheaded One complained about this very thing to his guest and “Late Night” successor, Jimmy Fallon. “I’m bitter about it,” Conan jokingly huffed of the slight. Fallon pointed to the obvious pun within Coco’s name and suggested “Cone Zone” as an idea worth pitching to B&J. Hmm…”Cone Zone”…Pumpkin ice cream flecked with gingerbread crumbs? Just in time for the holidays!

Watch the entire episode, including a hilarious bit with Conan moonlighting as a Chinese food delivery man:


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