‘Biggest Loser’ Ramon Forced to Say Goodbye to New Girlfriend Jessica

Jessica Limperet, Ramon Medeiros on 'Biggest Loser' (Photo: NBC)

Jessica Limperet, Ramon Medeiros on 'Biggest Loser' (Photo: NBC)

And they called it puppy lovvve…

Tuesday night’s “Biggest Loser” pulled at heartstrings on so many levels when the Black, Red, and Blue teams got switched, and newly minted lovebirds Ramon Medeiros and Jessica Limpert had to separate. Sadly for them, their separation was taken one final step further when the rest of the teams booted Jessica off the ranch, and Ramon had to say goodbye to the woman he called “the love of my life.”

“I came here to lose weight, but I gained a future,” said a grateful Jessica, referring to her relationship with Ramon.

The couple surprised everyone on last week’s Halloween episode, as they made their burgeoning courtship public with “I love yous” and smooches to boot. However, their six-week whirlwind romance didn’t come without wariness from the trainers, of which Anna Kournikova was the most vocal.

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“While it makes sense for Anna to be concerned about their relationship causing a distraction, it seems like Ramon and Jessica are trying to stay focused while supporting each other,” writes host Allison Sweeney on her People blog.

“Hopefully they’re on the same path as so many other successful relationships formed on the show. From Suzie and Matt to Stephanie and Sam, the success rate of relationships on “The Biggest Loser” is better than that of “The Bachelor”!

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