‘Conan’: Hugh Jackman and Conan Sing in Chinese

by | November 2, 2011 at 9:55 AM | Conan

Hugh Jackman and Conan O'Brien (TeamCoco.com / TBS)

Hugh Jackman and Conan O'Brien (TeamCoco.com / TBS)

Hugh Jackman stopped by New York’s Beacon Theater, where “Conan” is being taped this week, to talk to Conan O’Brien about his new Broadway show. But mostly, he was there to be his usually charming Hugh Jackman self.

What did Jackman do? Well, in the span of eight minutes, he did Conan’s string dance (with a Conan mask on!), demonstrated how George Clooney says hello to fans, and sang a duet with Conan on a song that he supposedly sung in the movie “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.” The interesting part about that song? It’s in Mandarin Chinese.

Watch Hugh Jackman on “Conan”:

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