Nancy Grace on Lindsay Lohan: ‘She Absolutely Should Go to Jail’

Nancy Grace (Photo: ABC)

Nancy Grace (Photo: ABC)

After Nancy Grace survived elimination on Tuesday night’s “Dancing with the Stars,” the tough-talking former prosecutor and HLN host (her show has been focused on Baby Lisa) told reporters Lindsay Lohan belongs behind bars.

With Lindsay heading to court Wednesday to determine her fate on an alleged probation violation, Nancy said, “She absolutely should go to jail. She should have already been in jail. She should be just getting out of jail right now.”

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But Nancy fears Lindsay might get a slap on the wrist. “I would be surprised if they actually sent her to jail,” she said backstage Tuesday night at “DWTS” with partner Tristan MacManus by her side. “If they do, she’ll be in and out like a Nicole Richie moment where you’re in for like 84 minutes and then you leave ‘cause of overcrowding. A horrible example has been set, especially for young women all over our country. Now more than ever, girls need to be raised to be strong and decisive women and the example she has set for girls all over the country is not a good one. Everyone makes mistakes, but I feel that our justice system should at least set the right example.”

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Nancy then said sarcastically, “I particularly like the shot of her with booze and a cigarette and a pair of hot pants getting on a private plane in Cannes when she was supposed to be in court that day.”

Lindsay has often been rumored as a potential “DWTS” competitor. But when asked if Lindsay should ever appear on the hit ABC reality show, Nancy, who herself has shown amazing staying power on Season 13, demurred, saying, “I have no suggestion other than she bring her toothbrush to court! She’s going to be needing it. She ain’t going to get to go back to Duane Reade to get one.”

Ultimately, however, Nancy said she believes, “What she really needs is rehab.”

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