Who Is Returning to ‘One Life To Live’? Which Role Is Being Recast?

Big Stars Return for “One Life To Live” Finale — One Role Recast At the Last Minute

One Life To Live” is bringing back a lot more fan favorites before the show’s January ABC finale. Soap Opera Digest reports that the Llanview returnees include Brian Kerwin (Charlie), Tonja Walker (Alex), Jessica Tuck (Megan), and Susan Batten. The character of Cole, Starr’s first boyfriend, will also be returning — but he will not be played by Brandon Buddy. Buddy taped one day’s worth of scenes, which will be reshot. The role was then was abruptly recast with Broadway actor Van Hughes, who starred in the musical American Idiot. Hughes has soap experience. He played the recurring role of Gil on “As the World Turns” in 2006 and appeared in the September 23, 2010 episode of OLTL as Ulrich Simon, a snooty art student. The show did not give a explanation for the change, but  a source told Daytime Confidential, “The show is just sick about having to recast. They really wanted to give Kristen [Alderson] and Brandon’s fans a satisfying end to their story.” The two rumors about the recast are that Buddy was injured in a car crash in October and the work proved too physically strenuous, and that the actor has personal problems that were interfering with his work. I am going to take this opportunity to voice the unpopular opinion that Starr’s best love interest was her first kiss, Travis, played by “Revenge’sConnor Paolo. It would be awesome if the star of this season’s hottest new primetime soap — which is on ABC after all — made a return appearance.

Catch Up On The Latest Episode Of “One Life To Live”:

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The returns of Tuck and Batten, whose characters are very, very dead, coupled with the previously announced return of Fiona Hutchinson as the equally dead Gabrielle, seems to signal that the show is either again sending a character to visit heaven, a classic storyline from the 1980s that was reprised for the show’s 40th anniversary, or that there are some major dream sequences in the works. Of course, given that this is Llanview, all of the characters might be coming back as zombies in an an homage to “The Walking Dead.”

There is one major difference between the OLTL and all of the actors who returned to “All My Children” during its final months on ABC. The network sent out press releases for every single AMC return, as well as John O’Hurley’s cameo on the show. OLTL is leaving it up to the actors to do their own publicity via Twitter and the soap magazines to figure out who is returning via who was spotted reporting to work at the studio. ABC sent out a release this week about new hosts being added to OLTL’s replacement, “The Revolution,” but not the finale of its 43 year-old soap. Had the network not been neglecting OLTL for years and ignoring the show’s recent ratings surge, I would say that ABC is trying to keep the show out of the news for fear that the ratings will improve further, making it even more difficult to justify its cancellations. I hope that when the show moves to The Online Network, Prospect Park will finally start promoting the show.

“Young & the Restless” Bonus Halloween Scenes

Did “The Young & the Restless’s” Halloween episode leave you wanting more? Yeah, me neither. Diana DeGarmo’s debut as a Mafia princess who warbled an out of tune You Made Me Love You was embarrassing. Somebody needs to tell her that television reqiries a more subtle acting style than theater, and playing the role as a one dimensional caricature will not work. Also, I do not need to see another second of Victoria (Amelia Heinle) dressed as a giant baby. Nonetheless, CBS has released a bonus clip of scenes that were cut from the show. What’s interesting about the package is that it’s not entire missing scenes, just a series of brief fragments that the editors shaved to get the show to its proper length. There is no significant content here, but anyone who wants to learn more about how an episode of a soap gets put together should watch. Y&R’s post-production crew managed to make the episode four minutes shorter without losing any important dialogue or creating any continuity errors. No matter how you feel about the show right now, you’ve got to admire their excellent work. I was disappointed that the missing content did not explain Daniel’s (Michael Grazadei) costume. Who or what was he supposed to be? With his blue eye shadow and his long, feathered hair I almost thought he was supposed to be a 1970s sorority girl, especially since he looked prettier than any of the women on the show.  I’m obviously missing some pop culture reference.

J.R. Martinez Takes Over the World

Congratulations to “All My Children” star J.R. Martinez. The actor and veteran of the Iraq war has emerged as the reason to watch this season of “Dancing With The Stars.” He has gone from one of the least recognizable contestants on the show to frontrunner based entirely on his raw talent, the same way that he made such an impression as the character of Brot that he went from a short term, stunt cast player to a series regular. Martinez is on the cover of this week’s People magazine and has just been named Grand Marshall of the Rose Bowl parade. He could be the first contestant since Gilles Marini to parlay his success on the show into a high profile acting career. The AMC fans deserve some credit for embracing the actor, who suffered burns over 40 percent of his body, as a romantic lead.  Given his success as both an actor and dancer without any formal training, perhaps Martinez should try singing next.

In other AMC alumni casting news, Lee Meriwether (Ruth), is shooting a guest star role on “Desperate Housewives” this week. “Desperate Housewives” producer Jeff Greenstein tweeted,”At today’s Desperate Housewives table read, I sat next to Lee Meriwether.”

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