‘Nancy Grace’ & ‘The Talk’ Give Abusive Judge a Verbal Thrashing

Nancy Grace (Photo: Getty Images)

Nancy Grace (Photo: Getty Images)

Some of television’s most outspoken leading ladies were quick to deliver an emotional beat down toward the Texas judge who was videotaped giving his daughter, afflicted with cerebral palsy, a savage beating for nearly seven minutes. The footage of the act quickly went viral with more than 2 million views.

HLN’s own “Nancy Grace” teared up while watching the video, and even cut into her crew over the footage.

“When I think that someone would hurt one of my twins like that.. and this is their own mother and father. And let me tell you something – to the control room in New York – you beeped every curse word there except for the Lord’s name in vain, which is the worst of it all. So please beep that too. Could you do that for me Liz?”

Meanwhile, over at “The Talk,” Sharon Osbourne called the act “absolutely brutal, its physical abuse.”

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Talk/140949/2164233502/The-Talk—To-Spank-or-Not-to-Spank/embed 580 476]

That led to a discussion/debate amongst the women about the use of physical punishment as a corrective method on children.

Sheryl Underwood said that while a spanking could be effective, the judge went overboard.

“I believe in corporal punishment. I believe he went too far with it,” she said before describing some of the punishments she received growing up. “There’s a fine line between violence and discipline.”

That prompted Sara Gilbert to reply with “It’s all violent. Hitting a child is violent.”

Underwood replied that “Some of us know it takes a spanking, it takes a swat, to stop (a misbehaving child).”

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