‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Blurts Out Embarrassingly Wrong Answer

Kara Spak after blurting out a naughty answer on "Jeopardy!" (Sony Pictures)

Kara Spak after blurting out a naughty answer on "Jeopardy!" (Sony Pictures)

Any “Jeopardy!” fan can tell you that the Tournament of Champions can produce some pretty intense games; after all, it’s the show’s best contestants from the previous season butting eggheads for pride and a bundle of dough. But it seemed like one of the ToC contestants, Kara Spak, had something else on her mind besides answering in the form of a question.

A question was asked in a category where the contestants are supposed to guess a shape-laden phrase from the clue provided. The answer was supposed to be “What is a love triangle?”, but Spak thought of something a bit racier than that when she said, “What is a threesome?” The crowd’s titters, Spak’s embarrassed look and Alex Trebek‘s witty reaction (though we don’t believe him for one bit) tells you all you need to know about how wrong that answer was.

Watch a “Jeopardy!” contestant get sexy:

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/jFDvg6122Ls 580 476]

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