‘Survivor’s Ethan Zohn’s Cancer Returns, ‘More Devastating’ This Time

Ethan Zohn (Photo: Getty Images)

Ethan Zohn (Photo: Getty Images)

Former “Survivor” winner Ethan Zohn recently learned his cancer has returned. The 37-year-old reality star battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma had been in remission for 20 months.

“I don’t want fear or cancer to define me, but it’s always in the back of your mind,” Zohn told People in a new interview.

“It’s localized in my lung area,” Zohn explained. “But it’s good that it’s not all over my body.”

Zohn began a new “smart” form of chemotherapy, SGN-35, on Oct. 18. The treatment, which should last 12 weeks, targets only the cancerous cells, so he “won’t lose my hair again,” he says.

After that, Zohn hopes to undergo a stem-cell transplant, taken from one of his brothers.

“But the doctors won’t tell me which one,” Zohn says. “They didn’t want me to start treating one differently than the other. Of course my whole family is taking bets on who it is.”

Ethan’s also receiving a lot of support from his girlfriend of eight years, fellow “Survivor” Jenna Morasca, 30, who’s taking the turn of events “like a rock star,” according to Zohn.

But that doesn’t mean the news was any less devastating this time around for Morasca. In fact, it was worse.

“The first time, as devastating and crazy and horrible as it was, I was like, ‘Fine, we’re going to beat this,’ ” she tells People. “This time was a lot more devastating for me because we’d already been through so much. We really had moved on with our life and we had a lot of stuff we wanted to do that didn’t involve cancer – I didn’t think we’d have to do this again.”

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