‘The X Factor’ Admits to Lip-Synching

LeRoy Bell of 'The X Factor' (Photo: Fox)

LeRoy Bell of 'The X Factor' (Photo: Fox)

Plenty of singers have been embarrassingly busted for lip-synching, but ones duking it out in a singing competition? Viewers are crying foul after Thursday night’s live episode of “The X Factor.”

The fake factor is what Fox is dealing with Friday after two different acts got caught lip-synching during performances on Thursday night’s live show.

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During a group performance, contestant LeRoy Bell can clearly be heard singing before the microphone is even close to his mouth. Oops! And incredibly, he wasn’t the only one who appeared to be pulling a Milli Vanilli this week: One of the groups in the reality race — Stereo Hogzz, who barely survived elimination Thursday night — also appeared out of sync with their voices and their mics, points out New York Magazine. On top of that, another performer who was singing forgot the lyrics.

Fox issued a statement on the latest controversy to strike the show:

“All survival songs are performed live, with just a backing track,” a show rep says, according to The Wrap. “For the group ensemble performance, the vocals are pre-recorded to allow acts to concentrate on preparing for their own live competitive performances on Wednesdays.”

“This is also no different to what other competition shows do for ensemble performances,” the rep added.

Bell’s gaffe was quickly caught, most notably on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” when the late-night host aired the footage on last night’s show and mocked it.

Watch the Faux Pas for Yourself:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Jimmy-Kimmel-Live/93/2164366334/Thu%2C-Nov-3%2C-2011/embed?skipTo=330 580 476]

Afterward, an enraged Twitterverse sounded off on the shenanigans:

tobyhitchcock: The opening song on #xfactor was horrific. I don’t know why they have the contestants lip sync. Come on!!!??

Robertoishappy: #xfactor lip sync?????? Simon shame, shame, shame!!!

SundayPMoylan: SHAME ON YOU #XFACTOR! Lip Synching? Leroy Bell ruined it for them all – so do they all lip sync everything?

Joseph3B: #xfactor group song may defeat Milli Vanilli for best or worst lip sync.

ReiVallejo: OMG that group song was horrible. Looked unrehearsed. Some of them missed their lip sync cue too. Yikes. #XFactor

NiCliche: Did the stereo hoggz just lip sync too?? Wow. That’s all I got. #xfactor

gotia30: #xfactor …this is a singing competition….how dare they lip sync the intro!

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