‘Days’ Stars Promise Surprising Twists

John Aniston of "Days of Our Lives" (NBC)

John Aniston of "Days of Our Lives" (NBC)

Saturday, “Days of Our Lives” held its annual fan event, Day of Days. The stars were eager to discuss the show’s reboot. If you think you know where all the stories are going, you are wrong. November is going to be a month of surprising twists, and unexpected personal connections. This week, daytime’s most unlikely supercouple Victor and Maggie get married. John Aniston previews the nuptials. Plus, James Scott and James Reynolds are in surprising agreement about which of their characters E.J. and Abe should be mayor, and Scott offers hope to both E.J./Sami and E.J./Nicole fans.

James Scott (E.J DiMera)

Why would E.J.be a better mayor of Salem than Abe?

He wouldn’t be. There’s no question about it. He’s going to be a horrible one. Just horrible. But so are most politicians. He’s a populist as well , and populists often do better than pragmatists.

It’s sort of a commentary on the current state of American politics.

In a way. His speeches contain a lot of nonsense. They sound very commanding but they really contain no substance whatsoever.

Everyone suspects Stefano and E.J. of framing John. Would E.J. really willing to ruin the lives of thousands of the citizens of Salem just to become mayor?

It’s sort of the perfect storm. He gets to be mayor and he gets to wreck John Black.

Is he going to become mayor?

I don’t know. We haven’t got that far ahead.

E.J. wants Nicole to be more than his campaign manager. Why does she continue to be so appealing to him?

They’re the same. They’re very similar. I think that if they can get pas their mistrust, she’s kind of perfect for him because she’s the one person who will allow him to be himself and turn a blind eye. He couldn’t really be with anybody who wasn’t prepared to know what he did and accept what he did and know what he does.

Thanksgiving will be an exciting week for Sami and EJ fans.  Can you tease it?

It’s going to be very exciting for Sami and E.J. fans. It’s going to be the biggest thing that has happened to them in a long time.

Renee Jones and James Reynolds (Lexie and Abe)

Who’s going to win the mayoral election?

Reynolds: Abe, of course. Is there any question about that?

When is this election going to happen?

Reynolds: We’re not really sure. Local elections can happen just about any time.

Abe’s on the hot seat given that the city’s pensions were lost on his watch.

Reynolds: Abe’s loyal to his friends. He’s confident enough that John Black didn’t do anything wrong and he’s going to support his friends so matter what.

What are Abe’s top five campaign promises?

Reynolds: A chicken in every pot. A car in every garage. No, he’s promising people he will work hard for them and every part of his being that doesn’t go to his family will go to the people of Salem. That’s his overall promise, that nobody is going to work harder, nobody’s going to think more about their welfare, than he will.

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It was funny when E.J. blamed Abe for all of Salem’s problems over the past couple years. Would you defend Abe’s track record as a mayor?

Reynolds: His track record as mayor has been really extraordinary. Abe’s governing a very difficult community. One of the people most responsible for what’s difficult in Salem is E.J. and Stefano. Part of Abe’s responsibility as mayor is to keep the people of the city safe and that means keeping an eye on E.J. and Stefano. It’s E.J.’s tactic, and it’s what people do, and it’s very much what happens in politics… One of the positive things about Abe is he interacts with everybody in Salem. He walks around town and interacts with people. People can walk up to him any time.

How does Abe plan to rebuild the city’s pensions?

Reynolds: Unfortunately, his decision to invest in John Black’s firm wasn’t his best one. But he;s standing behind his friend.

Jones: Abe is screwed. Just tell it like it is. Hopefully they’ll find out that Abe didn’t really do that, but still, John is screwed.

Reynolds: People have to remember Abe was on the police force all those years, so he’s a victim just like everybody else.

Lexie’s husband is running against her brother. How is she going to get involved with the campaign?

Jones: Lexie will always defend her husband. I think that what E.J. is doing is very underhanded. If he fought a true fight he would, lose and he knows that. I’m pretty mad at my father and my brother right now for what they’re doing. They’re not looking at the bigger picture. They’re not only hurting Abe they’re hurting me and they’re hurting Theo and all they cared about is their selfishness. So I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

How do you feel about the changes on Days?

Reynolds: I think it’s wonderful. We’re really happy to have this kind of focus and a story we feel good about. But I think for the show overall there’s been a really refreshing change, showing this community on the air of these people in Salem. Our story, for instance, is a story that the entire town in involved in one way or another because it’s an election. But then you have other stories, like what Jack and Jennifer and John and Marlena are going through.

Jones: I think it makes it interesting because it’s not just a show with six characters on. You get to see all of your favorites within a week. That’s what makes it fun again.

It’s been a few years since Lexie had an affair. Is she due for another one?

Jones: I’ve been hearing this rumor, but I don’t believe it’s going to happen. I think Abe would just kill Lexie.

Reynolds: I think Lexie would have run out of chances.

John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis)

What sort of wedding do Victor and Maggie have?

It’s a little bumpy, our wedding day. We have a big snow storm in Salem and a lot of people can’t get there. It ends up being Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and me and the butler and a couple of other people.

Are their vows romantic even though it’s just the two of them?

Oh, yes. It’s a very nice wedding, short and sweet. People will like it.

Had Victor more or less forgotten that he was involved in the theft of Maggie’s eggs decades ago, or did he just assume nobody would ever find out what happened?

Probably, because he hadn’t told Daniel either and Daniel’s his godson and his godson thinks that his mother was his mother.

What exactly did Victor do that resulted in Daniel’s parents obtaining Maggie’s eggs?

Well, Daniel’s parents obviously were having a hard time having a child and I’m guessing, I really don’t know, I guess he bought this company and along with it came Maggie’s eggs.

Did he deliberately pick her eggs, or was it just coincidence?

I think he picked her specifically because of her goodness. He wanted his friend to have the best possible genes that he could muster.

So, basically it was a compliment to Maggie and she should be flattered.

That’s the way that I look at it. I’m sure she won’t see it the same way. Then there’s the question of whose sperm it was.

I just assumed it was his Dad.

Maybe it was. I don’t know.

So you’re saying he could have a different biological father.

Could be.

How is marriage going to change Victor and Maggie’s relationship?

That’s one of the bumps in the road. We can’t just have a happy marriage. That’s boring for a soap couple.

Were you surprised by the popularity of Victor and Maggie?

I think everybody was surprised. It’s just one of those things that sort of happened. And the reaction to it was very good. The scenes happened to work very well.

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