Report: Dana Carvey is New Candidate to Replace Regis

Regis Philbin (left) and possible replacement Dana Carvey (Photos: Getty Images)

Regis Philbin (left) and possible replacement Dana Carvey (Photos: Getty Images)

It’s nearing the end for Regis Philbin and the rumor mill has generated a new name for the list of rumored candidates to replace him on “Live With Regis and Kelly” (soon to be just “Live with Kelly,” at least temporarily).

The new entrant is none other than Dana Carvey, the manic comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” star who is famous for his impersonations, particularly the one he does of Regis.

The New York Post cites unnamed sources for this story, which says “Carvey has popped on producers’ radar.” The story even describes him as “a top contender.”

With this new rumor, Carvey joins the likes of Ryan Seacrest, Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa’s husband) and Bravo’s Andy Cohen on the list of names rumored over the last few months to be under consideration for the coveted co-host’s spot on “Live.”

Our own take is: We doubt Seacrest would take it (he’s incredibly busy), while Consuelos and Cohen each make a certain amount of sense, each in his own way. Carvey makes less sense, it seems to us, simply because he’s a comedian who’s “always on,” which means he’d have to find his off-switch — at least occasionally — if he’s going to replace Reege.

Plus, while we always remain journalistically skeptical, we tend to believe the powers that be at “Live” when they say they won’t have a replacement for Regis in place by the time he leaves a week from Friday (Nov. 18). Instead, you’ll see them pairing Kelly with a number of male co-hosts in the weeks after that — including some (such as Jerry Seinfeld) who won’t be auditioning for the job, and others who will be.

Meanwhile, this week and next are truly the twilight of Regis Philbin’s career on “Live” as the show welcomes a succession of guests from the new “Twilight” movie, “Breaking Dawn”: Tuesday, Peter Facinelli; Wednesday, Taylor Lautner; and Thursday, Robert Pattinson.

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