‘The Good Wife’: Will & Alicia’s Relationship Is Exposed

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife (CBS)

It was reunion week on “The Good Wife.” Glenn Childs (Titus Welliver) is back. So is Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston). Bad boy investigator Blake even plays a role, though it’s off-camera since he has turned over a new leaf and moved to Bluebell, Alabama. It’s also the week that Will (Josh Charles) and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) get outed — though in typical TGW fashion, everything happens under the surface.

Lockhart-Gardner is representing an American translator who was held in a Gitmo type prison and waterboarded. Glenn Childs is the AUSA on the case. He still has it out for Lockhart-Gardner. When Diane (Christine Baranski) calls Will to consult with him, he answers on speaker. He and Alicia are examining each other’s legal briefs. Alicia looks hot in a black camisole. Unfortunately, Will put her call on speaker, which seems reckless. What if she started to discuss some partner business that Alicia should not know? It turns out to be a bad idea for another reason: Grace (Mackenzie Vega) picks that moment to phone her Mom. That annoying ringtone of her saying, “Mom, pick up the phone,” stone cold busts them.  She needs Alicia’s permission to attend Bible Study. Has there ever been a more unexpected, or hilarious, revelation of a TV relationship?


Will lamely lies that he is at lunch. Will, we know exactly what you and Alicia were eating.  Diane is too smart to fall for that. She calls Alicia’s assistant and confirms that Alicia is out of the office. Did Grace psychically sense the opportunity to punish her mother for daring to have a personal life ? Alicia should have let her keep making strange videos with her androgynous tutor. Diana never acknowledges to Will or Alicia that she knows they are having a torrid affair. Instead she is cold to Alicia and forces Will to agree to sexual harassment awareness training for the law firm. Ha! Everybody on this show violates Human Resources policy at least once an episode.

That’s just the beginning of Will’s terrible no good, very bad week. Dana (Monica Raymund) brings Peter (Chris Noth) a tip from Blake that, when he was at his first law firm in Baltimore, he used 45 grand of the firm’s money to pay off a gambling debt. Blake was tasked with covering it up. Who gambles that much money on sports? It seems like Will may have as many demons as Peter. Alicia would deny it, but deep down, she likes the bad boys.

Cary tells Peter investigating Will is a bad idea, especially since this happened so long ago and outside of their jurisdiction.  Peter insists Cary pursue it. Cary and Dana talk to Will about the bad bet, making it clear they are pressuring him to reveal information about his client, drug dealer Lamon Bishop. Will asks Caitlin (Anna Camp) to come into his office, says they are attempting to coerce him and he wants a witness. They insist it’s just a reminder with teeth. He asks them to leave.

Then, the scene we have all been waiting for: Will confronts Peter. It’s as rough and tumble as two forty-something white collar white guys standing on the steps of a courthouse can get. Will calls Peter out on coming after Lockhart-Gardner because of Alicia, saying, “You’re pitiful grow a pair of bells and throw a punch.” Peter tells Cary to continue the investigation, but the case will be overseen by a Special Prosecutor. The forty-five thousand dollar question is whether Peter has figured out that Will is sleeping with Alicia.

As for the case of the week, Alicia ends up being drafted to talk to a Treasury Agent about their client in accordance with an obscure anti-terrorism law. He’s fishing for damaging information. When Alicia refuses to answer a question that would incriminate the client, the agent warns her that if she does not answer she will face eight years in prison. Against his advice, she insists on getting her own lawyer. Fearing that the lawyer Diane and Will offer her will represent the firm’s interest at her expense (way to trust your boyfriend, Alicia), she instead chooses Elsbeth Taconi, Peter’s former lawyer. She comes up with a clever plan that involves Alicia becoming a lawyer for an insurance company that insures the defendant, and invokes the Citizens United ruling to claim the corporation’s rights take precedence over anything else. Caitlin the Nepotism Skank uncovers evidence that results in the charges against the defendent being dropped. When she’s smart it makes it more difficult to hate her.

It all ends deliciously awkwardly with Will and Alicia watching a terrible video about sexual harassment together, unsure what exactly Diane knows.

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