‘The Walking Dead’: Glenn Gets the Only Action in a Slow Episode

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan in "The Walking Dead" (AMC)

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan in "The Walking Dead" (AMC)

Remember how much we loved the fact that “The Walking Dead” was slowing down and giving viewers a chance to explore the characters? Well, we didn’t mean that we wanted the show to grind to a halt.

That’s what it seems like happened in last night’s episode, “Cherokee Rose.” It seems like the entire ragtag crew, along with their farmhouse-based benefactors, didn’t do all that much during this episode — everyone, that is, except Glenn (Steven Yeun), who not only almost got eaten by a water-bloated walker-in-a-well, but then went on to have an abandoned-drug-store tryst with Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan). Quite the day for Glenn, wasn’t it?

But you’d expect, after the shocking way that Shane (Jon Bernthal) escaped the walkers last week — kneecapping Otis and leaving him to get torn apart — we would have explored that issue a bit more this week. But except for Shane looking shellshocked in Otis’ oversized clothes, and not speaking during the big guy’s funeral, we didn’t really explore how Shane’s decision might be affecting him. Perhaps we’ll get to it in the coming weeks.

An old story did rear its ugly head, though, as we finished the episode with Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) peeing in the woods onto a pregnancy test; she didn’t even wait the requisite two minutes before seeing the ‘+’ and realizing that a) there’s a pretty good chance that the baby is Shane’s, and b) it’s tough enough keeping Carl alive in this horrible world; how will she be able to keep a baby alive, too? It’s an interesting development that will keep Shane in the fold as he goes bat-poop crazy, of course; but how long until Lori actually tells anyone anything? And will they have to come clean to Rick (Andrew Lincoln)?

Watch Sunday’s episode below:


Back to Glenn getting lucky. Listen, the guy needed a break after almost getting eaten by Well Walker — wasn’t that guy just completely friggin’ gross? And that’s before the bottom half of him tore off and fell back in the well. But Maggie has been intrigued by Glenn since they met last week, and since Robert Kirkman told MTV that the on-screen version of their romance will adhere relatively closely to what’s portrayed in the graphic novel series, Maggie’s assurances that the drugstore whoopie was a “one-time-only deal” doesn’t even come close to being true.

Why are we talking so much about Glenn? Because nothing else much really happened. Sophia is still missing, though Daryl (Norman Reedus) now at least has an idea where she might have gone. Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) told Rick that the gang should shove off after they find Sophia, but Rick convinced him otherwise; it makes you wonder what ol’ Dr. Greene might be hiding. And Andrea (Laurie Holden) learned how to clean her gun. Yep, it was an action-filled week. Let’s hope the pace gets picked up a bit in the next episode.

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