No Grace for Conrad Murray: Nancy Says He Should Have Been Charged With Murder One

The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Nancy Grace had a bad night with the judges on Monday night, and was also caught flat-footed on the guilty verdict against former Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray, being unable to comment about for HLN while competing on “Dancing With the Stars.”

She told reporters after the show, the same day the legal news came down, “I would have liked to have weighed in on the verdict but I’ve weighed in on what I THOUGHT the verdict would be, including what it would be and when it would come in and luckily, I was two for two!”

The longtime TV crusader said Murray got off easy with the involuntary manslaughter charge in itself: “A lot of people think he’s going to get house arrest but I don’t think that’s appropriate. In fact, I think the whole charging decision was wrong. He should have been charged with murder one with propofol as a deadly weapon and he should be doing life behind bars.”

Murray was taken immediately into custody until sentencing, and Nancy said, “when he gets out, I’ve got news for him—God’s gonna get him. He’s going to be miserable. He can run but he can’t hide. He and Casey Anthony can have a tea party in four years.”

Watch: The Jackson Family Reacts To Murray’s Guilty Verdict:
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