‘Secret Circle’ Creator Previews Mid-Season Finale… And Beyond

Britt Robertson in The Secret Circle (Sergei Bachlakov/The CW)

Britt Robertson in The Secret Circle (Sergei Bachlakov/The CW)

The Secret Circle” airs its mid-season finale “Balcoin” tonight. By the end of the episode viewers will know how Jake really feels about Cassie — and learn a shocking secret about the roots of Cassie’s black magic that will have repercussions for the rest of the circle. Show creator Andrew Miller and star Gale Harold (Charles) previewed the finale’s surprising twists and what viewers can  look forward to after the show’s hiatus.

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Jake: Friend or Foe?

Jake came to town to kill the witches of Chance Harbor. Then he met Cassie (Britt Robertson), and his quest became more complicated. Tonight, he is forced to choose between the witch hunters and Cassie. “He’s still kind of an enigma,” says Miller. “I think the truest thing about Jake is what Fay sees in him when she’s with Adam, it’s that he really does care about Cassie. I don’t know where that leads him because he’s a weird guy, that Jake… Jake has a hold over Isaac. Their relationship is a little father and son, a little student mentor.” Though Chris Zylka is still not a series regular, viewers can expect to see more of him this spring. “We like Chris a lot and he [plays] a fun character. He’s brought a lot out of Cassie. We hope to use him in more episodes down the road and we’re figuring that out right now.”

Jane Is Under Charles’s Spell

Charles cast a spell on Cassie’s grandmother, Jane (Ashley Crow), so that she would not remember what she saw him and Dawn do. Unfortunately, it did not work as planned. “We’re seeing in this episode that the spell that Charles put on her didn’t work as well as they might have hoped and it’s going to cause immediate problems for them, ”  says Miller. “For Cassie, it’s going to toss her world around a little bit because in some sense she’s losing the last family member she has and it will affect her drastically. Adds Harold, “She knows that he’s up to something inside of her brain. Either she’s clever enough or strong enough to use that against them.”

Adam Is Drawn Closer to Cassie

The pilot revealed that Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Cassie are fated to be together. This spring, the duo will explore their connection.”Cassie’s becoming a slightly different person with this whole dark magic thing, ” says Miller. “Diana (Shelley Hennig) at this point has become pretty clear on not wanting to pursue anything with Adam and I think when Adam really lets that sink in he’ll kind of have no choice but to say there’s a girl people keep telling me I’m destined to be with. What does that mean? If nothing’s going to happen with the tall pretty girl over there maybe I should look at the short blonde girl.”

Fay Seeks Her Own Brand of Magic

Bad girl Fay (Phoebe Tonkin) has become the show’s break out character. This spring, she strikes out on her own. Miller reveals, “Fay has wanted her own individual magic from the get go. The idea that Cassie is the one who has this opportunity is infuriating. Of all the people who should get their own magic, why is it the little blonde girl? So it will drive her to seek alternative ways to separate herself from the group and find power of her own that will probably have terrible consequences for other people.”

It Will Be Raining Men In Chance Harbor

Right now, the Circle has four girls and one guy. That’s not a favorable ratio for a CW show. Miller promises that Chance Harbor will be getting a few more men. “There are more hot guys coming… We got this kid Grey Damon who’s going to be on the show a little bit. His character is a very dangerous guy for a lot of reasons. He’s confident and cocky and has a different kind of power than we’ve seen but one of our characters will be drawn to him in a way that could prove dire for our other characters.” He adds, possibly jokingly, “And he’s got a thing about chickens.”

Charles’ Mother Comes to Chance Harbor

Charles has a lot on his conscience. He killed both Nick and Cassie’s mother, Amelia. He’s caught in a power struggle with Dawn. This spring, his mother will further complicate his life. Says Miller, “We like the idea that Charles has complicated relationships with women, that the women he seeks and goes after like Dawn, a lot of it comes from his mother… Stephanie Kramer who plays Charles’s mom is a powerful elder, maybe more powerful than we’ve seen with Henry and Jane. They’ll have certain abilities to sense things, but not the witch hunters.”

The Council Wreaks Havoc

There will be more of a focus on the group that is out to destroy the witches of Chance Harbor. Miller explains, “There’s lots to learn about this council. We started with Isaac (J.R. Bourne) and he’s become a really interesting character for us but he’s one of many and the history of the council will surprise us and goes back longer than anyone thinks right now… We’ll find out that they’ve been working their way through the years to gain an advantage on the witches. It will have come out in different ways that we’ll learn about affecting some of our backstory and shine a light on the stuff that we don’t know and how it involves them.”

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