Top Five: TLC’s Duggars Prepare for Baby No. 20

Top Five

We have an announcement to make: Top Five is being increased to Six! Just kidding — we thought we’d try and pull a “Duggar,” but then we realized we couldn’t match TV’s most sprawling family in the “big announcement” department.

What do the Duggars have to do with this week’s Top Five? To find out, please read on:

1) And baby makes 20: Few spectacles on TV this past week — including Rick Perry’s now infamous fumbling, bumbling answer in Wednesday night’s Republican debate (see below) — caused more chatter and commentary than the Duggars of TLC’s now obsoletely titled “19 Kids and Counting” announcing that they’re expecting their 20th child. The announcement came on NBC’s “Today” show where the studio could barely contain all members of this ever-growing family of reality-TV stars. Let’s see the Kardashians “keep up” with this crew!

Watch the Duggars’ “big announcement” on “Today” here:

[iframe 580 476]

2) Speaking of Republicans: Don’t worry, we’ll get to Rick Perry next, but slot No. 2 belongs to the other Republican contender most in the news these days, Herman Cain, and his joyous refusal to get upset — at least publicly — over all the sexual harassment charges being flung at him. This past Monday night, he seemed as untroubled as a man could possibly be when he made his first-ever appearance on a late-night comedy show — “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Watch Herman Cain on “Kimmel” here (skip to 23 minutes in):

[iframe 580 476]

3) Rick Perry loses it: Presidential campaigns have been known to occasionally addle the brains of candidates on the campaign trail, but Rick Perry lost it in spectacular fashion when he found himself unable to articulate an answer at Wednesday’s Republican debate on CNBC. You can see it in the clip posted here from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Comedy Central (just shy of 8 minutes in), but every late-night show made hay of Perry’s screw-up. “Many Republican faithful thought Perry would be the answer to their prayers,” Stewart said, speaking for all late-night hosts. “But it turns out he was the answer to ours!”

Watch Stewart comment on Rick Perry on “The Daily Show” here:

[iframe 580 476]

4) Who’s the man on “Two and a Half Men”? Well, it’s turning out to be Jon Cryer. We’ve long praised his comedy chops even as he acted in the shadow of Charlie Sheen for (slightly less than) eight seasons. And now that Charlie’s gone and Ashton Kutcher has taken on the other “Man” role in the series, Cryer’s emerging as the real reason to watch this show. And that was never more in evidence than this past week’s episode, when Cryer, as Alan, channeled his late brother Charlie.

Watch this clip of “Two and a Half Men” with Cryer as Charlie and you’ll see what we mean:

[iframe—Alan-is-Admitted/embed 580 476]

5) TV’s No. 1 show: That’s as good a reason as any to include an entire episode of “NCIS” on this list. That, and the fact that we happen to have complete episodes for you to watch. The show’s a juggernaut, drawing around 20 million viewers every week, the kind of numbers that prime-time network shows don’t get anymore — unless they’re “NCIS,” of course.

Not on the “NCIS” bandwagon yet? Then watch this:

[iframe—Engaged%2C-Part-I/embed 580 476]

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